We are always on the lookout to deftly navigate our way through the complexities that we encounter regularly. So the search for easy ways to meet our needs only intensifies. Much to our delight, an app like Gojek simplifies things for us in many ways, which may otherwise be strenuous.

Gojek-like apps are on-demand multi-service apps that users can use to order food, book a ride, or even for home-related services. In other words, what multiple apps do, a Gojek-like app does it all. The fact that an app like Gojek integrates multiple services has led to increasing demands for such apps. Below, you will find more about Gojek clones and the companies offering the best Gojek clone apps.

Gojek Clone App Development

Looking back at the growth of Gojek over the years, we can comprehend how the app’s capability to meet almost all our needs has led to it becoming Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand app. Gojek, initially a call center, served as a medium connecting drivers and riders. It was in 2015 that Gojek launched its app.

Gojek managed to find a spot in Fortune’s Change the World list in 2017 and 2019. The success of the app, coupled with the widespread need for an app like Gojek, has led to an increasing number of Gojek clone apps. However, finding the correct Gojek clone for your business can be tricky. To help with that, we have listed the companies offering the best Gojek clone apps.

Below, you will find some of the many services an app like Gojek provides.

  • Taxi/ Bike ride booking
  • Food delivery
  • Grocery/ Pharmacy delivery
  • Wine Delivery
  • Baby Sitting
  • Beauty Service
  • Carpentry and painting services
  • Electrical and plumbing work
  • Car Wash
  • Home Cleaning
  • Pest Control

Distinct Features of the Gojek clone app

Scheduled Booking

This feature allows users to book services for later. It can be minutes, hours, or days ahead. For instance, for users commuting regularly, the Gojek-like app enables booking rides in advance.

Live Tracking Option

Users can track the location of the service providers. It helps them gain information regarding the arrival of their ride or other service providers.

In-App Chat/Call

It enables users to contact the driver or any other service provider. They may want to know the exact time the ride will be arriving. It is also helpful to service providers as they may have to contact the users to learn their precise location.

Contactless Delivery

WogoStar comes with this feature, being mindful of the guidelines to combat the virus. Wary users can still make use of the services.

User Feedbacks

Users can leave behind ratings and reviews of the services provided by the Gojek-like app. It helps other users understand the quality of services offered by the app.

SOS Call

It is an essential feature allowing users to call friends or family in emergencies. It alerts people immediately by enabling them to make quick calls.

Kid-friendly Ride

Users can choose to have child seats when traveling with kids. They are the safest option and avoid any risk of injury.

Service Radius

Providers can set the radius to their preferred distance. By establishing this, they will be offering services strictly within that radius.


WogoStar, Abservetech’s Gojek clone, is hands down one of the best on-demand multi-service apps. WogoStar has been receiving positive reviews from purchasers and app users alike. The developers are even more inspired to keep pushing to give their best, as is evident from their recent work. WogoStar encompasses many services, making it one of the most preferred Gojek clones. WogoStar aids in carrying out seamless business operations by offering a user-friendly interface.

The expert panel of graphic designers comes together to design a creative logo for clients for their Gojek-like business. They offer it free of cost. Also, though the products generally come bug-free, they provide free bug support in case of any bugs.

For more details: https://www.abservetech.com/gojek-clone/

Pofi Technologies

The Gojek clone by Pofi Technologies provides a comprehensive platform to deliver services, including car rental, grocery delivery, taxi booking, and food delivery. The admin dashboard is feature-rich that helps monitor the app’s performance. With a user-friendly mobile experience, their Gojek clone aids users in carrying out business operations smoothly.

Gojek clone by Pofi Technologies is accessible to users of Android and iOS. Further, they provide customer support and assistance to help the customers in case of queries.

For more details: https://www.pofitec.com/gojek-clone.php

Apporio Infolabs

Apporio Infolabs is another company well-known for its Gojek clone. Its Gojek clone includes services like handyman, taxi ride, laundry delivery, babysitting, and courier delivery. Their advanced user-inclined mobile app comes in many languages that help the business reach a vast market.

Advanced analytics of the admin panel helps the admin devise strategies to promote growth and enhance business operations. They provide licensed source code to enable their clients to make customizations if they want.

For more details: https://www.apporio.com/product/gojek-clone-app/


Appscrip offers a Gojek clone that delivers a vast range of services like eCommerce, grocery delivery, liquor delivery, and taxi booking. It supports multiple payment gateways. The performance indicator in the admin panel helps evaluate the success of a business against the objectives set.

Appscrip provides customizable scripts to suit customer needs. Technologies like Python, Node.JS, GoLang, and MongoDB power the Gojek clone app developed by Appscrip.

For more details: https://appscrip.com/gojek-clone/


V3Cube provides Gojek clones with many services. Further, their Gojek clone is available in versions- base and advanced. It enables clients to choose the one depending on their funding and needs. The advanced version, loaded with features, offers a better user experience. The app also comes integrated with many gateways.

They offer support for one year in case of bugs and other issues. The app supports multi-currency and is available in many languages, which helps reach a broad audience.

For more details: https://www.v3cube.com/gojek-clone/


Gojek-like apps provide a comprehensive solution for all our needs. In other words, a one-stop solution is what a Gojek clone is about. The fact is that users need not have multiple apps on their phones and instead rely on a single app, that is, a Gojek clone, to have their needs met. The value of the super app market in 2022 was $61.30 billion. According to analysts, growth will remain steady in the coming years. So, it is indeed the right time to invest in an on-demand multiple-service business.

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