Due to this Pandemic crisis, there is so much chaos almost in all the business fields. Many people lost their jobs, and countless startup businesses came to an end. But People don’t lose hope. As there was a famous saying by Martin Luther, “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” people are trying to get back to their routine phase of life. The ones who lost their job are looking for a job in a Job searching Portal, whereas all the Businessmen try to figure out a way to get back to their businesses.

I hope this blog helps both categories. As the businessmen find it difficult to get back to their original phase, buying the best Naukri Clone Script will do wonders for them. 

Why Naukri Clone script?

People are looking for jobs quickly, and they barely need one. They are making use of every little chance. And there rises the demand for an app like Naukri, Monster, and so on. Once they purchase the cloned scripts of these products, they can be on the right track very soon.

How are Naukri Clone Scripts used in business?

First and foremost, you should be aware of the stakeholders involved in this business.

1) Admin- Admin is the one who owns this business.

2) Job Provider – Job Providers are the ones who provide jobs to the people who search for a job

3) Job Seeker – Job Seekers are the one who searches for a job.

Secondly, you should be aware of how they got involved in a business.

The Job Provider should buy a package from the admin to post any Job listings. Based on the package limit, they can upload their job listings.

In short, you are providing a platform for the Job providers to post about the job vacancies in their company by getting an amount from them.

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Key Features of the Job Portal Business:

As you are providing a platform for both the job providers and job seekers. You should lookout for the following features for sure.

1) Registration

2) User Interface

3) Advanced Search

4) Recruitment Tools

5) Type of Jobs

6) Job Alerts

7) Application Tracking

8) Instant Messaging

How to find the Best Naukri Clone Script in 2024?

To Magnify one’s business, one should identify the right lead by purchasing the right product. 

The person Should look for all the specialties like 

1) Commission management

2) Payment Gateway Management

3) Easily Customizable

4) Verified Job Provider and Job Seeker details

5) Privacy of the customers

6) Ratings and Reviews 

And what not to ensure the growth of their business is evident.

So now you may know how an Online Job Portal should be and the features you should check. But wait, haven’t I told you about the Best Online Job Portal Scripts provider in the Market yet? 

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