Online food ordering and delivery businesses are booming all around the world. Many entrepreneurs are starting their businesses with food ordering and delivery concepts. Entrepreneurs and startup companies are viewing food ordering business as a way to make money instantly. The amount of website traffic an online food ordering company is getting is massive on comparing with other domains. Basically, to start a business like a food ordering, entrepreneurs need to have a website, mobile apps for partner, customer, and delivery boy. These panels and apps simplify the working flow of all the major stakeholders. Some of the entrepreneurs built from scratch, and some others use a ready-made online food ordering and delivery script. 

One of the best ready-made online food ordering scripts in the business is FoodStar and RebuEats. By using any one of the software, a startup company can start their own business instantly. Both software is different from each other. FoodStar product is coded with the Laravel framework for front-end, back-end panel with Native flutter apps in both the Android and the iOS platforms. While the RebuEats is coded with a MEAN stack and MERN stack framework. Both the software has separate unique features of an online food ordering and delivery script. Some of them are listed below,

Advanced real-time tracking system:

An online food ordering has four stakeholders, Admin, Customer, Partner, and delivery boy, etc. When a delivery boy picks up customer food from the restaurant, they can track the location of the delivery boy live using inbuilt Google map GPS in customer app.

Advanced filter options:

Our RebuEats and FoodStar has powerful advanced filter options to sort out customer searches based on restaurant name, location, food categories, food type, etc. It helps a customer to order their food instantly.

Review and rating:

Online food delivery, script, It is one of the main options of an online food ordering & delivery system. It allows customers to review and rate restaurants, delivery boy, etc.

Invite Friends & Promo codes:

It is one of the most important options in online food ordering & delivery script. It allows customers to invite friends to use the food delivery app. Admin can provide discount offers to the customer by generating promotional codes in the Admin panel.

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