Starting a new business is what most of the entrepreneurs and startup companies are looking to do. A business may be of a physical or online. An entrepreneur can start a business based on the above two attributes. According to a recent survey, Many entrepreneurs are looking to start an online-based business. On comparing, online and physical, the entrepreneurs don’t need to put much effort into an online. For online-based, entrepreneurs can use a ready-made software or script to start their own business instantly. Among those scripts, one such is called Adstar ready-made letgo clone script.

AdStar is a ready-made letgo clone script that has three stakeholders admin, buyer, and seller. This script allows a seller to upload pictures about their goods. The uploaded goods picture is visible to all the users using the product. Any interested buyer can these goods by contacting the corresponding seller via chat, phone. Whenever a buyer buys a good from a seller, the admin of the product will receive some commission amount from it.

Our AdStar product is available with powerful features. Some of the features are below.

Login, Registration:

Our ready-made letgo clone script has separate panels for buyers, sellers, and the admin. A buyer, a seller can register themselves either using their email, phone no, or by their social media profiles. Both the buyer and seller need to provide necessary documents.

Upload Products:

A seller can upload a picture of their product material. These pictures are available to all the buyers on the website, apps. If a buyer wants to buy those goods they can do it instantly.

Advanced Filter Options:

Our AdStar has inbuilt with an advanced filter option. A buyer can filter options based on location, items, brands, categories, etc. 

Chat Option:

Once the buyer finds their perfect good, that buyer can communicate with the corresponding seller via the contact details given by the seller. This option helps the buyer understand the product better.

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