As you all know, there is a high demand for online taxi booking apps nowadays. The on-demand taxi booking apps are widely used by many people all over the world. Simultaneously it increases the number of customers frequently with their best services. The reason behind the massive reach is the user-friendly features. Uber Clone script is the best option for every entrepreneur and startup investor who wants to launch a new venture? 

The wisest way of online taxi booking apps creates a good rapport with their customers. For that, there is a tremendous reach in the on-demand taxi booking services in recent times that allures a lot of entrepreneurs to start a ride-hailing venture. 

As we take the recent stats, the on-demand taxi industry has evolved enormously & earned a high positive response. You can see the live witness of online taxi booking growth in terms of launching multiple leaps and bounds. As you are an entrepreneur or startup looking for the best Uber clone script. Abservetech offers the newly updated Uber clone script at the best affordable cost. Let’s come and discover the remaining intuitive updates and advanced features. 

RebuStar – What’s New Now?

Before going to know the advanced features of the Uber clone. Let’s grab the information about RebuStar – The best Uber clone script for your online taxi booking business. 

RebuStar is the best Uber clone script and has come up with new features that enrich the client business. It is not like an Uber, as we newly incorporate many functionalities and features in our RebuStar. Our RebuStar will adapt the changes which we update in future also. If you want to customize or add any new features, our developers will do that. 

It is also available on both Android and iOS platforms. If you have interest in us, drop an email and get the free demo credentials.

Why RebuStar Is The Best Choice For Your Ride-hailing Business?

Abservetech always wants to be a trendsetter among other competitors. We regularly update Uber clone app features that are apt for the current market scenario. Our RebuStar provides the best taxi services and satisfies your drivers and customers. 

In our RebuStar, Admin can manage the entire taxi operation online and preserves your valuable time with our robust features. If a client needs to add any new features, we can customize them based on your preference. Above all, creates a new space for you and be an ambassador for the online taxi booking marketplace. 

Recent Improvement Of Our Uber Clone App Features

RebuStar is the new Avatar for your online taxi booking business. We have robust features which give tremendous success and reach your on-demand taxi booking business. 

Advanced features of our Uber clone app

  • Covid Safety Alerts
  • Fleet Management
  • Manual Booking
  • Maintain Driver Payout
  • Google Translate
  • Multi-angle Business Reporting

Let us know the features in detail one by one.

Covid Safety Alerts

In our Uber clone app, users and drivers get pop-ups before starting a ride about pre-safety Covid instructions. The user must wear a mask and instruct the driver to wear a mask, sanitize hands before riding. 

Fleet Management

In RebuStar, one feature which helps to rule multiple services is Fleet Management. Both admin and multiple car owners can manage the vehicle and driver’s activity with ease.

Manual Booking

We, Abservetech, incorporate the extraordinary feature Manual Booking though you can’t lose any type of customers. It helps customers to book a ride without a smartphone. So you earn more customers and can earn high revenue. 

Maintain Driver Payout

Using the driver payout option, the admin can manage all necessary payment details of drivers. So you can check the status of the payment options also.

Google Translate

Our motto is to improve our app’s convenience to all types of people. So we incorporate the translate option so users can select the preferred option. 

Multi-angle Business Reporting

It’s purely for the Admin. They can collect eagle-view details with the help of Google Analytics. 

Bottom Line

If you are curious to get further details of our Uber app and the total cost of our on-demand taxi booking app development, instantly contact our support team & ask for a quote at [email protected].

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