In this contemporary world, society needs a convenient lifestyle better than standing in a long queue. The revolutionary development of advanced technology rules the whole marketplace. Rather than using a single app for one need, everyone prefers one app with multi-needs. For that, the Abservetech expert team introduces a multi-service app like Gojek. Having a multi-service app will help to shine as a successful entrepreneur in the on-demand multi-service industry. 

Using our multi-service app like Gojek empowers an entrepreneur to offer hundreds of services in a single app. It will help to reduce the job of people instead of installing multiple apps to satisfy their needs. Gojek will serve all requirements of customers, and it has the potential to incorporate multiple services into it.

If anyone plans to start a business like Gojek, go forward to read the entire blog. You will get the mysterious aspects of our on-demand multi-service app like Gojek. 

What Are The Exact Function Of The Gojek Clone App?

Gojek clone app is an extraordinary invention for all on-demand services like food delivery, eCommerce, financial activities, taxi booking, and much more in a single super app. Abservetech offers the standalone on-demand multi-service app that encompasses people’s needs. Managing all services is a tedious task, but the introduction of Gojek swipes up everything. 

Services of Gojek Clone App

We already mentioned that the Gojek clone has the capacity to handle hundreds of services in a single app. Here is the list of services that are already present in the multi-service app like Gojek.

The top three categories are,

  • Ride Services
  • Delivery Services
  • Other Services

Ride Services

Users can use it for taxi ride booking, bike ride booking, car rental booking, and moto rental booking. 

Delivery Services

People can use delivery services for Food, Courier, Logistics, Grocery, Medicine, Flower, Fuel, and Plant delivery.

Other Services

Other services are Plumber, Electrician, Car wash, Fitness, Handyman, Car repair, and beauty services.

The above-listed services are already present in our Gojek Clone app. We can also customize it for the client’s needs. 

Why Should You Invest In The On-demand Multi-service App?

In Abservetech, we have a strong reason and benefits behind creating a multi-service app like Gojek. Our core concept is to minimize human efforts instead of searching multiple apps.

Top three reasons that you can blindly invest in our On-demand Multi-service App

1) Your customer gets satisfied while launching an app like Gojek because it has numerous services which definitely make your users delighted.

2) Second thing is it does not waste your money. It is worth building an app like Gojek nowadays. 

3) If any business, the first and foremost thing is customer satisfaction. We strongly believe our Gojek clone app will make your customer happy. 

Statistic Report Of Using On-demand Service App

It is purely for startups, investors, and entrepreneurs who are planning to launch an on-demand service app. In recent times, the app generation increased tremendously. According to the Statista report, 188.9 billion USD revenues are generated via on-demand apps. 

YearsRevenue in billion US dollars
On-demand Service App Statistics

It is the overall report of on-demand service app usage.

Future Scope Of The On-demand Multi-Service Industry

Moreover, in some major countries, people use on-demand services infinitely. 

  • 86.5 Million Americans have adopted an on-demand service.
  • 45 Million US people have extended services in the on-demand app development sector.
  • 22.4 Million users periodically spend nearly $57.6 billion on on-demand services.

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Market Aspects Of Creating A Multi-service App Like Gojek

In our Abservetech, we provide the best features in our Gojek clone app. Launching an on-demand multi-service app is not easy, but we provide on-time with a seamless flow.  

Here are the most-needed features we incorporate in our Gojek clone app.

  • Users can book and call via websites.
  • Uncountable on-demand services in a single app
  • During this pandemic, offer a secure shopping experience

We have up-to-date features in our on-demand multi-service app with highly competitive beating. 

Wrap Up 

If you have a decision to start an on-demand multi-service business like Gojek? Then it is a wise choice in this flourishing time. Use this hyperlink to begin your flourishing career.

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