As an entrepreneur, you have lots of expectations to propel a profitable Uber-like business. Consequently, you need to know the concept as much as profoundly. Now, some of the queries may spark in your mind. Like, where to get a flawless source code with limitless support services? What are the features of uber clone needed to have in the software? How to get a seamless workflow? 

Hey! Be chill and feel relaxed. Through this blog, I am going to cut-off your suspicion. 

Then why do we need to wait? Let’s crawl it. 

Before that, Are you a neophyte on the concept of the online taxi booking business? Let me jot that down first. 

Various types of online taxi booking business are there, from that Uber has a highly protected rider. This app is available in many cities and the user can request a ride. When a nearby driver accepts their request, the app displays an estimated time of arrival for the driver heading to the pickup location. 

These processes have interrelated with plenty of features. Now, it a opt time to know the

Complete Features Of Uber Clone And Its Workflow

Uber’s distinctive attribute will help you have an exceptional business. Yeah, let me jot down right below. 

Registration/ Sign-Up:

The compulsory process for the users (rider or driver). They need to sign up either by email or social login by using the app. Phone number verification will be a crucial part of the registration procedure.

Admin Panel:

As an admin, you can view the driver, user, company, manual booking, manage vehicles, locations, fare, trip, and site settings. This complete functionality can be controlled and maintained within a single dashboard.

Live Geo-Tracking:

The rider can see where the nearest drivers are in real-time with their mobile apps. 

Cancel Booking:

The user has the comfort of cancelling a booking at any time for a valid reason. 


Riders and Drivers can check the service history and see their previous points of service requests.

Review Option:

Both drivers and the rider reviews can rate and review the behaviours on the services. 

Talking To The Driver:

Either chat or call option from the app, the rider can talk to the driver. 

Profile Update:

Both the users and the drivers can manage the profile. 

Schedule Ride:

If the rider wants to schedule, then they need to do this before the start ride. Then the driver will be automatically coming to pick up the rider. 


The Rider can save money while choosing this option. 

Promo Code:

This option enables the rider to share a promo code with their friends and peers. 

Notification Options:

Both riders and drivers regarding numerous promotions, coupons, in-app chats, service confirmations, and other alerts.

Fleet Management:

This option empowers the admin to manage and control the complete taxi fleet. By integrating a fleet of cars from other companies to manage the business efficiently. The admin panel gives guarded login and dedicated panels to track details & drivers, check/perform commission deduction/allocation for fleet, and other functions.

Payment Gateways:

The rider can pay comfortably with multiple payment options like Paypal, Debit, or credit card, wallet, and Cash on delivery for their rider.

Fare Calculator:

The rider can view their bill of the ride before starting the journey. 

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