A vacation rental website like Airbnb has proven to be highly resourceful for travelers. With innumerable places listed, vacation rental apps make it easy for vacationers and others traveling looking for places to stay. From the many options available, users can choose the one that agrees with their interests, and traveling has never been easier. Similarly, property owners as well can achieve feasibility. The growth of the vacation rental market has been impressive over the years. With enough stats, it is easy to foresee that it will continue to grow in the years to come. The estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 3.37% from 2023 to 2027. If the idea to build an Airbnb clone has crossed your mind and you have lingering questions, this article is for you! Here, we cover how an Airbnb clone works and other crucial things to consider when building an Airbnb clone. 

What is an Airbnb Clone?

Airbnb, the online vacation rental marketplace, connects people wanting to rent out their places with the ones looking for accommodating places to stay. It all began when the founders rented out their living room space. It has since grown and is currently valued with a market capitalization of $90.6 billion, making it the 157th most valuable company. Airbnb has over six million listings worldwide. 

The success of Airbnb has been a driving force in the number of vacation rental apps, grow in number. It has further led to the expanding vacation rental market. Projections of an upward growth trajectory have led to an increasing number of entrepreneurs getting interested in building vacation rental software and profiting from it. 

How does an Airbnb Clone work?

An Airbnb clone website serves as an online marketplace for property owners and for those looking for places to stay. It connects these two groups, offering each their benefits. Hosts get to list their property, enabling them to earn income from those while also serving guests with easy means to find places to stay. From farmhouses to posh penthouses, people can rent properties of many kinds. 

Airbnb Clone for Guests

An Airbnb clone enables users to view the properties listed. They can also see information like descriptions and pictures of the property, availability, price, location, and other details. To start using the services of vacation rental software, a user has to follow the steps listed below. 

  • Create an account. It requires users to give basic details like name, phone number, some form of identification, etc.
  • Users of Airbnb clone can view listings they are interested in by specifying locations and dates. They can use the filters available to customize their search. 
  • The Airbnb clone then enables them to book the place and reserve it. 
  • On confirming, users receive notifications with details of their stay.
  • Airbnb clone has many payment options, letting users choose what they deem convenient. 

Airbnb Clone for Property Owners

Property owners can list properties like penthouses, apartments, cabins, cottages, farmhouses, etc. They can even rent out a spare room in their house. The following are the steps involved if a property owner wants to list their place.

  • After creating an account, property owners add details of their property. It includes location, price, availability, etc. 
  • Adding appealing photos of the property helps guests get a picture and aid in decision-making.
  • They can get the property approved and set the price.
  • Property owners receive notifications if a guest requests to book their place.

How does an Airbnb Clone Help Make Money?

The Airbnb clone business model is a two-sided marketplace benefiting property owners and guests. Airbnb-like businesses make money by charging money from both hosts and travelers. When a guest chooses a property listed on the vacation rental software for a visit, the app sets a certain amount as fees from both parties. The amount depends on many factors like location, length of stay, etc.  

Key Features to Incorporate When Building an Airbnb Clone

Here, we have listed some of the crucial features of an Airbnb clone

  • In-app chat
  • Social sharing options
  • Multiple Booking
  • Past Bookings 
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Favorites/ Wishlist 
  • Manage Calendar
  • Rate and Review
  • Invite Friends
  • Cancel Reservation

Why Choose AirStar for Your Airbnb-Like Business?

It is imperative to remember that several factors go into making an Airbnb clone app successful. So, partnering with the right team is critical when building an Airbnb clone. We tailor our product to your needs. Our product, AirStar, comes with many notable features, enhancing the overall experience of the app users. 

Powerful Admin Dashboard

A robust admin panel is paramount for efficient app management. AirStar’s admin dashboard is feature-rich, enabling the admin to oversee the functioning of the application. Promo codes, multiple currency options, analytics, and reporting are some of the standout features of our Airbnb clone app.

Free Technical Support

We provide free technical support when you purchase our Airbnb clone. We are committed to assisting our clients through the app submission as well. You can rely on us to support and help you achieve the desired outcome with our product.

Bug Support

Our support team provides support for the first six months of your app purchase. We provide this at no extra charge. We always strive to deliver outstanding products and provide the best user experience with them. 

Laravel Framework Platform

We build Airbnb clones using the Laravel framework. Laravel has built-in security features and greatly protects applications from threats. Moreover, its flexibility facilitates the development of customized applications. Building an Airbnb clone as per your needs helps meet your business goals. 

Wrapping Up

Airbnb has been a crucial player in steering the online vacation rental market towards growth. It continues to grow, and with the right strategies, an entrepreneur venturing into it can meet with success. Choosing a partner who is keen to provide the best services and aligns with your interests is one of the crucial steps when building an Airbnb clone. We acknowledge our clients’ requirements and strive to meet their expectations.

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