Being cooped up at home during the pandemic has led to a surge in demand for travel and spiked people’s desire to holiday in bucket-list destinations. The world opening up again has also contributed to an increasing number of people with backpacks out on the roads, serving as an advantage to property rental owners who wish to rent out their properties. When people are actively looking for ways to bring in more income to meet their expenditures, cannot it be deemed the holiday rental business is a great way to make money? Vacation rental apps enable property owners who own houses, resorts, and rooms to list them for travelers with all details like address, photos, rent amount, etc.

Now let us look into some of the vacation rental apps that have been helping people to reap benefits from the holiday rental business.

Top 5 Vacation Rentals Apps:

  • Airbnb
  • VRBO
  • Flipkey
  • Expedia


Airbnb, based in California, is the pioneer in the field of the holiday rental business. Airbnb founders rented out their living room space to cover their rent. It led them to have an epiphany to start an online marketplace for people to list, discover and book accommodations through the Airbnb application.

Today, Airbnb has over 6 million active listings worldwide, covering 100K cities and towns. People in over 220 countries have access to Airbnb to rent out their spaces to guests.

Airbnb charges a certain fee from hosts and guests who make bookings for their holiday stays through the platform.


Vrbo is another leading platform for helping travelers find alternative places to stay and has been around since the nineties. Unlike Airbnb, on Vrbo, entire homes are rented out. Rather than listing smaller spaces, Vrbo only lists larger ones where customers do not share with homeowners or other guests. 

There are over 2 million vacation rentals in over 190 countries on Vrbo. Unlike Airbnb, Vrbo is not upfront about cost information. Prices do not show up on the page unless filtered by price. 

Vrbo stands out for its use of filters. Travelers can filter by location, rating, features, and more.

Two fee structures are available on the Vrbo vacation rental platform. – one to pay with a subscription, and the other is to pay per booking fee., with its headquarters in Amsterdam, lists properties in over 225 countries. More than 6.4 million holiday rentals are listed. also ensures to take security measures that protect partners with every booking. Background checks, guest blocking, and reservation risks are some of the security measures to protect property owners.

It also provides services like helping users rent a car and book a flight.


Flipkey, based in Boston, is another leading vacation rental space to help users book the perfect place to stay. Tripadvisor is the parent company of Flipkey.

The booking fee charged by Flipkey ranges from 8% to 16% of the total rental cost. As for the property owners, they can list their properties without being charged, but for every booking made, Flipkey charges 3% of the rental cost.


Expedia Group, founded in 1996, is an online travel company that offers travel products and services. Services provided by Expedia include booking airline tickets, making hotel reservations, and car rentals, amongst others.

Expedia provides a unique feature- Scratchpad. With Scratchpad, Expedia aims to help travelers with note-taking and help them with searches- hunting for places with affordable prices.

Expedia makes money through hotel bookings. It generates 70% of its revenue from hoteliers by buying rooms at a discounted price and then selling to users with some profit. Another source of income is by charging a commission from hotels by advertising them on its website. 

Reasons why vacation rental apps are popular?

Vacation rental apps are becoming more popular than ever. People prefer these options to traditional hotels for a lot of reasons. We have listed some of the reasons here:

  • Cheaper & offer a better experience
  • Unique travel experiences
  • Convenient
  • Indulgence in other activities

Cheaper and offer better experience: 

One of the reasons why holiday rental apps like Airbnb are so popular is they offer places at a considerably lower price than hotels. 

Unique travel experiences: 

An array of rental property types are presented, such as condos, cabins, beach houses, and more. This variety makes people’s traveling experiences even more fascinating and helps them find a perfect place to stay according to their requirements. 


These applications provide detailed information about the property with pictures. So it becomes easy for travelers to decide on a place after going through the detailed information.

Indulgence in other activities: 

Another reason these vacation rental platforms have a leg up over traditional hotel room booking is they offer users other activities while on stay at a property. For instance, Airbnb lets its users indulge in exotic activities in that locale. 

How to create an app like Airbnb, Vrbo,, Flipkey, and Expedia?

It is dawning on property owners how much of an additional income they can make with their unused spaces. Vacationers find it simple and easy too to rent places from these platforms. People are beginning to realize the potential of vacation rental platforms. 

That’s your cue if you are contemplating venturing out into the business of rental platforms. You can rely on us to offer you the best experiences with our product.

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