Food delivery apps have altered the way we see food ordering in many ways. We cannot overlook the fact that the convenience they offer is unparalleled. The past few years have registered a shift in preferences when it comes to how people order food. As more people rely on online food delivery platforms, the revenue these platforms generate also mounts. 

UberEats is a popular food delivery platform that shot to prominence globally. It allows users to connect with restaurants and order food through the app in a few taps. Because of how much profit food delivery apps like UberEats make, entrepreneurs show a keen interest in launching similar apps. 

If you are also interested in developing an UberEats clone app or curious to know how an UberEats clone app makes money, this blog is for you. Here, we discuss the UberEats revenue model and how launching an UberEats clone app can help you generate income.

UberEats: An Overview

Uber, the leading ride-hailing company, stepped into the food delivery market in 2014 with the launch of UberFRESH. It later went on to be called UberEats the next year. UberEats initially followed a different approach where the company bought food prior, waiting for people to order from them. There was a fixed menu to order from, and the food delivery company only delivered in one part of California. When this did not bring in enough income, the food delivery app changed its approach, enabling people to order from a broader menu. 

UberEats is currently the second-largest online food delivery company in the US. It has a market share of approximately 23%. UberEats is only behind DoorDash, another leading food delivery company. In 2022, UberEats generated nearly $11 billion in revenue globally. UberEats operates in over 45 countries and about six thousand cities worldwide. 

Business Model of UberEats

How Does an UberEats Clone App Work?

UberEats is a three-sided marketplace that connects customers, restaurants, and delivery partners. If you are wondering how an UberEats clone app works, this is how it functions: 

  • Customers can go through the list of restaurants on the app and order from the one of their choice. 
  • The UberEats clone app sends a notification to the restaurant with the order details. The restaurant proceeds to prepare the food.
  • Next, the UberEats clone app assigns a delivery partner to pick up the order from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer. 

Customers pay delivery charges when ordering from the UberEats app. In the same way, restaurant partners pay a certain amount to UberEats as commission charges. Delivery partners make money by making deliveries. 

UberEats Customer Segments

The customer segment of UberEats consists of three groups: end users, the restaurant, and delivery partners. 

  • Restaurants: They partner with an app like UberEats and get listed. They list their menus with prices and make it easy for customers to choose. 
  • End Users: Users can create an account on the UberEats app and order the food of their choice after going through the vast menus from different restaurants listed on the app. 
  • Delivery Partners: They get paid to take the food from the restaurant and deliver it to the user who ordered. 

UberEats Value Proposition

Apart from helping users save time and energy, UberEats also provides them with a wide selection of restaurants and cuisines to order from. 

Reliable Delivery: By leveraging its resources, UberEats aims to deliver on time reliably. The app also enables users to track their orders and know when they can expect food to be delivered. 

Convenient Payment Options: Users ordering from UberEats can pay through multiple payment modes available on the app. This way, users can choose the option that best suits them. 

User-friendly App: The UberEats app is user-friendly, making it easy for users to navigate and do what they intend to do with the app. 

Best Experience: UberEats does not require a minimum order limit for users to order from the app. This way, they can have the food of their choice, enhancing their experience. 

Revenue Model of UberEats Clone App

You can earn from your UberEats clone app in the following ways:

1. Commission on Orders

It is the main revenue stream for an UberEats clone script. For every order that users place through the UberEats clone app, restaurants have to pay an amount as commission charges. Commissions fees may vary on some factors. For instance, it can be less or higher depending on the city and agreements with restaurant partners.

UberEats charges about 17%-30% of the total order amount as commission fees.

2. Delivery Fees

Delivery fees are another way how your UberEats clone app can make money. It is what the customers pay when they place orders through the UberEats clone app. Again, depending on the distance, city, and other such factors, it varies.

UberEats delivery fee can range up to $8. 

3. Promotions

The UberEats clone app provides a way for restaurants to gain increased visibility. Restaurants can promote and advertise their listings on the app. In return, they pay for these services. It is another way for your UberEats clone app to make money. 

4. Subscriptions

You can introduce subscription plans for your users. Users can enjoy certain benefits like no delivery charges by subscribing to monthly or yearly plans. Subscriptions make for another means to generate income from your UberEats clone. 

5. Surge Pricing 

Surge pricing or dynamic pricing is nothing but the extra charges that apply during busy hours or when the demand is higher than usual. Also, surge pricing comes into effect depending on the number of delivery partners and bad weather conditions. 

6. Cancellation Fee

Cancellation charges are another way you can look to make money from your UberEats clone. When a user makes an order but does not intend to go further and wants to cancel, they can do so by paying an amount as cancellation fees. However, a time frame can be set, allowing users to cancel without any charges if they do so within that time. 

Summing Up

Food delivery apps have become our go-to when we wish to enjoy food from the comfort of our homes. They are gaining immense popularity. It is a result of the innumerable perks we get from ordering online. People prefer ordering from food delivery apps to dining in. 

They also generate vast income since an extensive consumer base depends on them to meet their needs. You can also look forward to reaping benefits with your UberEats clone app by strategizing diligently. 

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