Recently Apple released the beta version of iOS 13. It’s packed with new features and enhancements. Which includes Dark mode, new reminder app, find my app, SIRI shortcuts.

There are lots of great stuff in the store, but you have to update your device to iOS 13. Here’s the list of things to do to update your iPhone to iOS 13.

Devices work with iOS 13

Just make sure your device can run iOS 13 or note. Apple has a history of supporting older devices with software updates. Some devices eligible for running iOS 12 will not be getting iOS 13. Some iPhone running iOS 12 has missed out iOS 13. Here is a list of iPhone devices support iOS 13.

1. iPhone SE
2. iPhone 6S and 6S Plus
3. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
4. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
5. iPhone X
6. iPhone XR
7. iPhone XS and XS Max

iOS 13

How to register for iOS 13

To get access to iOS 13, you need to enroll in the iOS beta program. To register for iOS 13 public beta, head to Apple’s Beta software program and click the Sign-Up button.

Here, you can find more things about iOS 13. You can get better ideas about it.

Before updating to iOS 13, Users are advised to backup your data.

you can restore your device anytime.

Users can update their devices using Apple’s iCloud or by using iTunes.

Downloading and installing iOS 13

The easiest way to download and install iOS 13 is to download over the air.

1. Navigate to Apple Beta Software Program website on Safari and tap Sign In.

2. Use your Apple ID to sign in.

3. Click “Enroll your devices” and tap the iOS tab.

4. Slide down to Install Profile section and press download profile link.

5. Once the download is completed, head to settings and user must see a message saying profile can be installed.

6. Just install the profile and device will restart.

7. Move to Settings->General->Software Update.

8. Tap Download and Install.