Swiggy, as we all know food is an important part of balanced diet instant delivery bring even more immense pleasure. Great cuisines fill the tummy and quick deliveries bring soulful of happiness. The workflow of the food ordering process in Swiggy is continuous and very simple. Swiggy offers you to even order food at a very low price in a single tap with their pop menu, no minimum order is specified. First and fore mostly search your favourite restaurants, cuisines, or dishes from the wide collection available.

You can also seek for food outlets based on ratings and delivery time. You can use “Swiggy pop” to swiftly order single serve meals without considering the price. Swiggy lists a wide range of food items for ordering select the cuisine or meal which you want to be served, then mention the quantity of your order. Then mark your location where you want the food to be delivered in the map as well as provide your valid address manually with specified landmarks and accurate door numbers.

Once your location is provided you can make the payment for your order. The payment process is at complete ease. The payment for your order can either be cash or card or mobile transaction. The users are provided with certain benefits like promo codes, where a small reduction occurs in the grand total. Some restaurants or food outlets offer discounts too. Once the payment is done the order gets confirmed and you will receive a confirmation notification.

Then the restaurant accepts the order and the estimated time for the arrival of the order is notified. The estimated arrival time is calculated based on the time taken for preparing the food and the distance to be covered. Swiggy is of a time-sensitive nature, so it provides real-time accurate information and offers fast delivery. Meanwhile, a delivery executive is assigned to deliver the food. The name, mobile number, and vehicle number of the delivery executive are provided for communication.

Swiggy offers live order tracking with the facility of GPS tracking. The customer gets notified when the food is prepared when the delivery executive is assigned, and when the delivery executive picks up the order. Then the ordered food is delivered quickly at the doorstep.

Swiggy Like Business

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