Dunzo is an on-demand delivery platform that one can rely on to make life easy. Have you ever had the urge to grab a bite when you are supposed to pick skating shoes for your kid, all along fretting about having to retrieve that critical file from home ASAP for an office presentation? Well, some days are just like that, aren’t they? Take a breather. Dunzo can cover it all for you. From getting products for you at stores to bringing you things from your home, Dunzo does it all. How cool is it that you can make your days less stressful with the help of this beneficial app? Dunzo serves by You create your task list, and we complete it. In this blog, We’ll share how they started, how Dunzo works, and its features.

How did it start?

This hyperlocal delivery system is a Bangalore-based startup launched in 2014. It started as a simple WhatsApp-based service to carry out delivery services. It then progressed into a hyperlocal, application-based business. Its success led to the expansion into other significant urban communities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune. 

How does Dunzo work?

All one has to do is download the Dunzo app and select the item that needs to be delivered, be it vegetables, medicines, daily groceries, or pet supplies. On looking up the required product, the app shows us the closest store where the product is available. The app then assigns a delivery partner to have picked up for us. The app also enables image sharing to elevate our shopping experience.

From buying groceries to fixing a broken appliance, from picking up your dry cleaning to transporting packages, Dunzo helps with almost anything. It has also been focusing more on the food and delivery sector.

Dunzo Business Model 

Revenue Stream

Dunzo functions through an app and a website. Dunzo generated revenue of INR 3.5 crores in FY19. It includes revenue from operations and other incomes.

  • Dunzo fixes delivery charges which vary depending on the distance. 
  • Dunzo also earns from partner stores by charging commission rates.
  • It also profits from surge pricing or demand pricing, where they charge more money if demand in a particular area increases suddenly.
  • They cash in by providing other services like home repairs.
  • What is unique with Dunzo is they offer to do other tasks as well, like pick and drop, getting something from somewhere, for varying rates depending on the nature of the service.

Target Segment

Dunzo sees that it lives up to the expectations by targeting a wider audience irrespective of age. The nature of their service also empowers them to target multiple domains like food, grocery, apparel, etc.

Owning Logistics and Supply Chain

The founders believe in the Unique Selling Proposition(USP). Unlike many other hyper-local application-based businesses, Dunzo owns logistics and supply chain- believed to be the turnaround for Dunzo.  

Features of Dunzo

Multiple Payment Methods

Dunzo provides many payment options. Users can pay via cash, internet banking, mobile wallets, and credit/ debit cards. With several payment gateways integrated, Dunzo provides convenience to users.

Real-Time Tracking

Users of Dunzo can track the status of their deliveries in real-time. This way, there is transparency, and users can know when they will receive their packages. Also, for delivery partners, it helps in finding the location of customers. They can deliver on time. 

Review & Rating

This feature in the Dunzo app enables users to review the service and the delivery personnel. They can rate depending on their satisfaction level. It is one of the essential features that help the service provider improve their services based on their feedback. 

Push Notifications

Dunzo sends instant notifications to users regarding deals, advertisements, etc. It helps attract customers and keep them engaged. Dunzo users receive messages about the status of their deliveries. 

Social Media Integration

With the social media integration, Dunzo gets increased visibility. Also, this feature lets customers share images and videos through social media. Thus, incorporating social media into the app helps users share their activities and is crucial to attracting a vast audience. 

Benefits of the Dunzo App

On-demand Delivery

Dunzo follows a hyperlocal on-demand service business model, enabling users to connect with stores and other service providers. The on-demand delivery service app lets customers order products through the app. Delivery partners working with Dunzo take them to users. 

Wide Range of Services

Dunzo, the hyperlocal delivery app, offers a wide range of services. Users can do many things, including ordering food, groceries, etc. Instead of visiting multiple stores, users can access many services and get things done with the help of one app. 


Users of Dunzo can order goods and get things done from their homes. It offers them increased convenience by letting them request services in a few taps from their phones. The hyperlocal delivery app makes ordering and accessing other services simple and easy.  


By making use of Dunzo, users can save time. They do not have to visit multiple stores or wait in queues to buy things. You can go on about your busy days and do not have to travel.

Bottom Line

Dunzo is the first Indian business that received direct funding from Google- indicative of its growth potential. This on-demand delivery marketplace is steadily on its way to becoming indispensable to those juggling demanding schedules. Dunzo plans to hit 20 urban centers by the middle of 2024. When simple everyday duties get overwhelming, Dunzo is the app you can count on to make life easier! 

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