Elon Musk, reportedly the new CEO of Twitter, took over the internet by storm for all the not-so-right reasons (if I may.) His unabashedly incredulous decision to lay off Twitter employees was deemed outrageous by people from almost all walks of life. Twitter laid off more than 90% of its staff in India up until recently.

However, Elon Musk justified his stance on the mass layoff, citing the company’s financial straits. Twitter has reported losing more than $4 million per day.

Even so, there have been other chaos that has left the users with uncertainties. Ever since the ownership of Twitter changed hands, there seem to be unceasing announcements that have left the majority nothing short of overtly contemptuous. The recent perplexion stemmed when Musk announced that any account on Twitter can now obtain the much sought-after verification mark. You read it right, with a monthly payment of $8, anyone can get the verification mark now. The big question is, does it even make sense anymore to be called a verified account? Does the word “verified” stand rightfully to its meaning in this context? Certainly not, for there is no evidence to support the account holder’s credibility.

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Twitter has been prepping to release the “official account” mark. One of the directors of product management at Twitter, Esther Crawford, has said that the “official account” mark, unlike the verification mark, cannot be purchased while making it known that the previously verified accounts will not automatically become official accounts.

Crawford took to Twitter to explain these in a series of Tweets. According to Crawford’s Tweet, government accounts, commercial companies, business partners, major media outlets, publishers, and some public figures will get the ‘Official’ label.

These new changes have left a lot of users perplexed, for it has made it all complicated. One cannot deny that these changes have made it difficult for users to wrap their heads around.

There will now be three types of Twitter accounts: verified accounts, where users have to pay a monthly sum; Twitter accounts with an ‘official’ label; accounts that use neither.

Moving forward, Twitter may want to actively look to mitigate the tumult, considering how much of a prevalence it has managed to be over the years amid the other social media networks.

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