Welcome to another informative blog. It is really worthy information that makes you yield high revenue within a short span. Do you know the impact of the UberEats Clone App growth? Wait! You will get an answer to this question later. Due to this pandemic time, the usage of online food ordering services has risen gigantically. There are so many outstanding food delivery apps in the market like Swiggy, UberEats, and Zomato. How has it gotten this much fame in the past five years? Is it worth beginning a venture like swiggy or not? 

Let’s come and seize new ideas with me. And to know the secret revenue while launching a food delivery app with real-time usage statistics report.  

Shall we find the answer one by one?

Emerging Trends Of Food Delivery Industry In 2024 And Beyond 

In the last five years, the growth of the food delivery business has exponentially increased by a 20% annual growth rate per year. The statistics report says that the online food ordering business revenue is estimated to grow to $220 billion in 2024. 

In recent times, people have preferred online food because of Covid. It is the vital reason behind the exponential growth of the online food delivery business. 

History And Statistics Of UberEats Clone App

First, UberEats started in the year 2014 in a small town in California. Slowly the services expanded, and many restaurants invited them to join. Soon it reaches new heights. 

Here are the key statistics of UberEats,

1) Last year, the revenue of UberEats generated $4.8 billion, which was 152 percent times greater than the previous year.

2) Globally, UberEats users have exponentially increased by 66 million users.

3) Top of the statistics is UberEats available in 6000+ cities with 600000 supported restaurants.

4) Overall, the global food delivery market is controlled by UberEats with 29%.

Get a glimpse of the UberEats revenue for the past four years.

2017$0.6 billion
2018$1.5 billion
2019$1.9 billion
2020$4.8 billion
Statistics Of UberEats Clone App

I hope this will show that UberEats creates a great impact all over the world. 

How To Get The Best UberEats Clone App 

If you want to start a food delivery business or expand your food delivery business, then prefer the readymade clone script available in the market. There are multi-clone scripts available in the market but choose the best and reliable. 

Why did I say to use the readymade clone script for your business? Because it is time-consuming and costly. Rather than starting an app from scratch. Better to implement the readymade script makes it so easy and cozy. 

Is Abservetech The Best UberEats Clone Script Provider Company In India    

Abservetech offers the best UberEats clone script with astonishing features for making their clients happy. We have dedicated developers to build your UberEats clone app, and they have immense years of experience. Assure that we give the best UberEats Clone App.

Here are the astonishing features which we offered in our UberEats clone app

1) Simple registration process. 

2) Powerful search panel to get your preferred restaurant

3) Live order tracking

4) Scheduled delivery 

5) Offers and discounts

6) Multiple payment options

Simple Registration Process

Hereafter, don’t wait in a long queue or wait for food. We have the best ubereats clone app with an easy login and signup process. So that your user can easily get food to their doorstep.

Powerful Search Panel

We, Abservetech, provide the powerful search panel in our UberEats clone app, users can swiftly find their restaurants. Based on the filters like location, food, time, prices, they can choose the restaurants.

Live Order Tracking

Users can track the driver’s location through this app. Many people are eager to watch the driver’s routes because they are hungry to eat. 

Scheduled Delivery 

A customer can schedule their food to order later. There is an option to “Add Cart” using this user can put in a favored list and order later at their convenience. 

Offers And Discounts

Admin can provide offers or discounts at the time of festival or promo offers. This strategy helps to earn more perks for their business.

Multiple Payment Options

We, Abservetech, incorporate multiple payment options to make our users happy and satisfied. 

Wrap Up 

I hope you people get a glimpse of the emerging trends of the UberEats clone app and the benefits you will gain in the future. Are you interested to get more details of our food delivery software?. Then drop your interest with us via [email protected]. Our team will reach you ASAP! 

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