The online taxi business is one of the fastest-growing businesses worldwide. And it is also one of the profitable businesses right now. Here, in this blog, we discuss the scope of an online cab business, things to analyze, and features required in the application to start an online taxi business

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Let’s dive into the scope of an online taxi business. The number of riders booking a cab using a website or mobile application is growing steadily. Sectors like IT, Public, Private company employees are using online taxi applications like Uber, Lyft, Grab to travel around. Mainly Uber is one of the top mobile applications in this sector. 

Due to the steady growth in the online taxi booking application field, many startups and entrepreneurs are looking to start their businesses in online taxi booking. 

Here are some of the things you should need to analyze before stepping into the field of the online taxi business. Here are they,

Things to analyze before starting an online cab business:

  • Scope in your area
  • Competitors in your area
  • Future taxi business growth
  • Revenue

Scope in your area:

It is the primary thing to analyze before starting an online taxi business. Firstly, understand the scope, riders traffic, number of competitors in your area. Understand the customer’s medium to book a cab, whether by a website or mobile application. 

Competitors in your area:

The next big thing to analyze before starting an online taxi booking business is to analyze the number of competitors in your area. Try to understand the workflow, business flow, and revenue generation methods of your competitors.

And think, 

1) how can I provide better service than my competitors?

2) What are the platforms we need to start building our online taxi booking application? [Whether it is by a website or mobile application]

3) What type of marketing techniques I need to embrace in my online cab business?

Future taxi business growth:

It is one of the main things to take forward your business to the next level. Before starting your business, make sure you analyze 

what is the future and scope of your business in your target city?.


Revenue generation is one of the main things for any business. Analyze the things you can provide for the initial traffic to your business. A better understanding of the business will bring you better revenue generation to your business.

Required Features to start an online taxi / cab business:

  • Android & iOS app
  • Admin panel
  • Real-time navigation system
  • Carpooling / Share taxi
  • Heat map / Live meter
  • SMS Gateway
  • Driver Payment Package
  • Earning reports
  • Feedback

Android & iOS app

One of the essential things in an online cab business is an Android and iOS app. It is necessary to provide an app for both driver and the rider stakeholders.

Admin panel

It is essential to provide a powerful admin panel with the latest features. It will better if you can add features available in Uber, Lyft, and Grab.

Real-time navigation system

A real-time navigation system is the best feature must include in an online cab business. It brings the perfect navigation system for both drivers and rider apps.

Carpooling / Share taxi

This feature allows multiple riders to travel in a single trip. Hence, it results in less fare, fewer toll gates, less air pollution. It is a must include in an online cab business.

Heatmap / live taxi

It allows the admin to view the rider’s heatmap location via a Google map in the admin panel. Live taxi meter is a feature it shows the rider to view the taxi fare live in their online cab business.

SMS gateway

This feature allows receiving OTP messages, which provides the additional security layer to the online cab application in both Android and iOS apps.

Driver payment package

Driver payment package allows the cab drivers to credit the amount to their wallet, and later they can use it when paying for the admin and the riders. 

Earning reports

It shows the earning reports for both the admin and the drivers in the online taxi software. They can filter it by date, day, and month.


It allows the rider, driver to share feedback about each other. By using this feature, It helps in sharing feedback about their experience with each other.

Best ready-made taxi booking software:

1) Invite friends

2) SOS

3) Estimate fare calculation

4) Promo codes

5) In-app call / chat

6) Review and ratings

7) Car make and model

8) Track your drivers

9) Reports management

Invite friends

It allows both the drivers and riders to invite their friends to the online taxi business. It helps the brand to grow their brand worldwide.


SOS helps the riders to send emergency messages to their friends by using the system’s default messages.

Estimate fare calculation

It shows the estimated fare to the riders before the start of the trip. Online cab business allows the riders to know about the cab trip price. 

Promo codes

It provides promo codes to the driver and rider. By using these promo codes, they can avail offers and discounts.

In-app call / chat

When a driver accepts the rider request, they can call and chat with each other using the phone’s default messaging and calling app.

Review and ratings

It allows the driver and rider to review and rate each other via the online taxi booking app.

Car make and model

Admin can add a new car model to the online cab system using the car make and model feature in the admin panel system.

Track your drivers

It allows the admin to track all the drivers in the online cab business system.

Reports management

It provides the reports for the drivers and the admin. It shows the payment records, number of drivers, number of riders in the online cab business.

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