Welcome to another blog! In this blog, we will discuss the best Online Food Ordering App development company in India.

Currently, Online Food ordering apps are dominating the food business worldwide. Many brands like Swiggy, UberEats, Zomato are receiving high traffic among the customers. 

Most of the apps are earning using their brand mobile apps & websites. This success among the customers has brought many entrepreneurs and startup companies to the online food ordering app business.

As the demand and supply technique, Many entrepreneurs and startup companies are looking to start an online food ordering business. It leads the website and mobile app development companies to develop online food ordering apps. Many companies around the world have developed their online food ordering product. One of the best online food ordering app development companies is Abservetech Private Limited in India. 

Abservetech has built two products, FoodStar and RebuEats, To help entrepreneurs to step into their own business instantly. A startup company can use any of the products to start their business. 

Here are the stakeholders and features required to host an online food ordering business. They are,

Stakeholders available in an Online Food Ordering App:

Basically, an online food ordering app consists of four primary stakeholders available. They are, 

  • Admin panel
  • Customer / Eater panel
  • Restaurant / Partner panel
  • Delivery boy

Admin panel:

Admin is one of the primary stakeholders in the online food ordering app development. Admin is the owner of the product. This panel shows the total customers, admins, partners, restaurants, payment reports, and email reports.

Customer / Eater panel:

A Customer app is available in both Android and iOS Apps. It allows the customer to order their foods from the restaurants based on their choices. It is easy to use and customer-friendly to use.

Restaurant / Partner panel:

A restaurant/partner can sign up using the Restaurant app and add their food items, menus, categories instantly.

Delivery boy:

By using the delivery boy app, a person can sign up. And it can use this app as a passive income for them.

Features required to host an online food ordering app:

An Online Food Ordering App development company has to add the following features available in it. They are,

  • Login / Registration
  • Browse restaurants, food categories
  • Order tracking
  • Invite friends
  • Promotional codes
  • Multiple Address
  • Payment management
  • Push notification
  • Feedback
  • Reports management

Login / Registration:

This feature lets the customer/eater register with the online food ordering app using their social media profiles or email id.

Browse restaurants, food categories:

It shows the list of all restaurants, food categories to the customers. Customers can view the food, menu categories.

Order tracking:

It lets the customers track their food items using their customer app. Order tracking shows the current status of the delivery boy. 

All the order tracking is real-time using the Google map navigation feature. 

Invite friends:

It lets the customers invite their friends to the customer app. It helps the admin to drive more customers to the online food ordering app. 

Promotional codes:

Admin can provide promo codes to the customer and partner so that they can avail discounts from it. 

Multiple Address:

A customer can update multiple addresses to the food ordering app like a work address, office address, etc. 

Payment management:

All the payments received from the customer and the restaurant are available in the admin panel. The admin can filter out payment transactions based on date, week, and month.

Push notification:

Push notification shows every notification to the customer, restaurants, and delivery boy. It helps the customer to know the status of their orders.


Feedback is the best feature in an online food ordering app. It lets the customer and the delivery boy share feedback about each other.

Reports management:

It shows the complete database of customers, admin, payment details to the admin of the product.

If you are looking for an online Food Ordering App development company in India, Use Abservetech Private Limited. And step into your food ordering business instantly.

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