In hustle-bustle lives, everybody needs a sophisticated lifestyle. The most recommended service is doorstep services and prefer to book the service via their smartphones. In trend, a readymade taxi booking app is a highly celebrated business nowadays. No one is needed in a long traffic queue. Prefer on-demand taxi booking to visit their favorite place or move anywhere. 

People book taxi services like Uber and Ola via their mobile phones, and it gave rise to the demand for Taxi app development companies. While the enhancement of the riding experience of customers increases the readymade taxi booking app.

The rise of readymade taxi booking apps for Android and iPhone gave rise to taxi software development. Abservetech is the leading taxi booking app development company, that offers readymade and customized solutions to clients. We have highly skilled and expert taxi app developers. Our team delivers enriched features and highly functional readymade taxi apps for Android and iPhone to our customers as per their wishes.

Key Features Offered By Abservetech

The rapid growth of the online taxi booking business develops an interest in an individual starting their own taxi booking business that becomes significant and beneficial for many reasons. Here are some of the benefits of the rider and driver app. 

Rider App Features:

Experience an innovative software solution that echoes the popularity of RebuStar, and can be customized with your branding. Choose from a huge range of 40+ features, including:

  • Fare Estimator
  • Driver Verification
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Car Selection
  • SOS
  • Easy Payment

1) Fare Estimator

Before booking a taxi, a rider can get a fare estimate by choosing based on the vehicle type and distance and entering pick-up and drop-off points.

2) Driver Verification

An astonishing feature is that the rider can verify the driver by unique OTP, and before riding the rider can also view the taxi registration number.

3) Real-Time Tracking

By using GPS, the rider is able to track the driver’s location and view the route taken to reach the destination.

4) Car Selection

Based on their preference/occasion, riders can book from a wide range of cars.

5) SOS

With a single tap, riders can send an alarm SMS bearing ride details to all their emergency contacts.

6) Easy Payment

There is an option for paying their riding cost via debit/credit cards, or through an in-built wallet, or pay in cash.

Driver App Features

Drivers are the driving force of your business. The features of this app include:

  • Register
  • Status
  • Booking
  • Navigation
  • SOS
  • Rating

1) Register

Drivers can easily register on the platform by uploading needed documents.

2) Status

Drivers can set their availability for new rides and forward journey updates to scheduled passengers.

3) Booking

Drivers can see new ride requests and also scan the details and stats of old taxi bookings.

4) Navigation

Drivers can use either the integrated map or Google map to travel to different locations.

5) SOS

With a single tap, drivers can send an alert SMS bearing ride details to all their emergency contacts.

6) Rating

Drivers can give ratings based on the overall ride experience.

Why Abservetech Is The Best Taxi App Development Company To Hire?

Abservetech is the preferred taxi app development company offering professional services followed by the future mobility ecosystem. Our skilled taxi app developers persistently earned the first-row seat in delivering rider and driver-driven taxi mobile apps.

Driven By Your Mission

Our wide array of expertise in readymade taxi booking apps allows us to become your true partner during your multidimensional journey.

White-label Taxi App Solution Provider

We are a white-label taxi app development company that provides market-ready taxi app solutions designed and customized as per your brand needs. 

Fully Scalable

A growing brand also increases customer reach. We create scalable on-demand taxi booking software that responds immediately to sudden peaks of traffic without affecting speed.

Secured Payments

Our app integrates multiple payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, etc. for a secure experience.

App Store Optimized

We plan, develop, and deploy taxi booking app solutions for Android and iOS platforms.

24X7 support

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our dedicated taxi app developers work round-the-clock to deliver you the best customer service. 

Let’s Wrap Up

There are many readymade taxi booking app websites available today. If you are someone with a plan to build a ready-made taxi booking app, visit the link below. 

Take a glance at the readymade taxi booking app demo for your startup.

Make your decision wisely.

Hope! Now you get a clear view. So if you need an alternative taxi booking system for your business, please contact us.

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