An online food delivery business helps a customer to order their favorite foods from local restaurants and receive them at their doorsteps. It is one of the most trending businesses to start in today’s market value. According to the statista website, By 2027, The food delivery business would reach 466.27 billion dollars. 

If you want to start an food delivery business, You can go ahead instantly!

Before starting your own online food delivery business, You should know some primary things. I have listed some of them below. Kindly have a look into them,

Stakeholders in an online food delivery business:

An online food delivery business involves some primary stakeholders. Here are they,

  • Admin of the product
  • Customer
  • Partners / Restaurants
  • Delivery boy

Admin of the product:

Admin is the owner of the business. They can control all the settings using their admin panel. 

Admin is the primary stakeholder of an online food delivery business. An admin can earn money whenever a customer orders a food item from the website or mobile application.


Customers are the target users of an online food ordering & delivery application. An online food ordering & delivery application helps customers order their favorite foods and receive them by their doorsteps. 

Partner / Restaurants:

Partners / Restaurants are the pillars of the food ordering business. A food ordering & delivery business helps the partners / restaurants earn money with the food ordering application. A restaurant registers with the product and uploads its food menu listings.

Delivery boys:

Delivery boys hold a primary role in the food business. They are responsible for delivering the food item from the restaurant to the corresponding customer. By delivering the food product, They can earn money with it.

The business model of an online food delivery business:

The business model of an online food ordering & delivery business involves four stakeholders, Admin, Customer, Partner/Restaurant, and Delivery boys. 

  •  Firstly, The customer, partner/restaurant, and delivery boy want to register their information with the food application.
  • After the successful registration, A customer can order their food items. The partners can upload their food items. Delivery boys can start delivering the food products.
  • On partner/restaurant registration, The food app will ask for required documents from the restaurants. Once the verification process is completed, They can upload their food product via their partner panel.
  • When a customer orders a food product from the restaurant/partners, The admin will earn some commission from every food order. And also, the delivery boys will receive some delivery fees for every order.

Unique features in an online food delivery applications:

  • Driver Mask Verification
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Advanced Search Item
  • Banner Upload
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Chat Option
  • Promotional Code
  • Feedback
  • Tips
  • Preferred Shift

Driver Mask Verification:

After the covid issue, It is one of the primary features of food delivery apps. Many prominent food delivery service providers are making driver mask verification mandatory. A delivery boy can start a food delivery trip if the driver wears a mask.

Ratings & Reviews:

A customer can rate & review a delivery boy, partner/delivery boy using this feature. Using this feature, The customer can view the review/ratings of a corresponding restaurant.

Advanced Search Item:

An online food ordering & delivery business should be available with an advanced search option. A customer can search using a product, category name, etc.

Banner Upload:

Admin & restaurants can upload their promotional banners using this option. These banners can showcase offers, discounts, and promo codes to customers. And also, helps to bring customer traffic to the food ordering application.

Dashboard Analytics:

It showcases the complete reports about the customer, delivery boys, and partner/restaurants to the admin. The admin can view all the analytics in the dashboard option itself.

Chat Option:

The delivery boy can call the customer for address verification. And the customer can chat with the support executive in case of any problem with the food order.

Promotional Code:

It is one of the primary features of an online food delivery business. It helps the admin to bring more customers to their platform.


Customers can provide feedback about the food to the restaurant/partners. The feedback option lets the restaurant/partners improve their food quality.


After completing food order delivery, A customer can provide tips to the corresponding delivery boy. There is no amount limit on tips money offered. A customer can tip a delivery boy according to their wish.

Preferred Shift:

A delivery boy can work based on their preferred shift. An online food ordering & delivery business should support this option.

Wrap up:

The above given are some of the things you should need to keep in your mind while starting an online food delivery business. In case, If you want to launch a food delivery business on your own, You can use ready-made online food ordering software like RebuStar or FoodStar

Thanks for taking your valuable time to read this answer!

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