The best of the best happens only after a revolution, and here is a live example of the Online job portal business revolution. The pandemic hits everyone very hard, especially those who search for jobs. Neither can they go and apply for the job in person, nor do they sit idle at home. Those who analyzed this situation stepped into the online job portal business effectively. You may wonder if online job portal websites like Indeed & Naukri existed even before the COVID crisis. But the peak time of this business started after the Covid crisis. 

Business Probability of Job Portals Post Covid

The involvement of businesspeople in the job portal business went down during COVID-19, as there were many job cuts. But post-COVID, they analyzed tricks, and many people & firms started online job portals to hire resources. Online job searches worldwide increased by 3% compared to the previous years. That is where the job portals like Indeed, Naukri, and Monster came into play.

So let us get back to the detailed description of the online job portals.

A brief note on the Job Portal Website

An online job portal website is a central hub for employees and employers to check for job listings. The employees or the job providers post job vacancies in their firm, whereas the job seekers apply for the job that suits their qualifications. That is the one-line definition of a job portal website. There lies a complex process behind the portal to make the front end work well. There are numerous job portals available online that work on the same principle including, Naukri, Indeed, Monster, etc. 

Do you aspire to start an online job portal business but get stuck not knowing how and where to start?

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Draft the feature lists of your job portal website

The first and foremost thing an entrepreneur should do before starting a business is, formulate unique business ideas and the features they like to incorporate in their final products. The same goes for this online job portal business.

Business workflow of online job portal websites

  • The employee or job seeker registers their profile on the job portal website and shares their resume.
  • The employer or job provider registers their account and posts job vacancy details on their profile.
  • When the job seeker finds the job that fits, he applies to the company and attends the interview.

Features to include in a job portal website

Refined Job Search

The job seeker can narrow their job search to a specific niche and find the relevant jobs they prefer.

Job Alerts

When the job seeker chooses the jobs of his interest, they will receive job alerts from any company regarding their specifications.

Resume Inquiries

The Job provider or the registered company can browse the user’s resumes on any premium membership packages purchased from the firm.

Job Questions

When the user wants to know the interview questions asked by the company, they can go for this option and prepare for the interview accordingly.

Toggle options

The job seeker can toggle between the options that display their job position or current state in their profile like looking for a job or hiring for a job.

Calculate Salaries

By adding the Salary calculation option on the job portal website, the employer can calculate the user’s salary based on their experiences.

Monetizing ways of Online job portal

Resumes Sharing

The admin shares the online resumes of users to the companies when they purchase resumes from them.

Fee for Advertisement

The company can post an ad by buying the space on the job portal website for the job vacancies.

Fee for Job posts

The admin can earn from the job portal business when the employer purchases the package to access and post job listings.

Premium Services

Both the user and the employer have to pay a certain amount to access the profiles of premium users or companies.

Wrap up

In this blog, we have systemized all aspects to create a job portal website like Indeed, Naukri, Monster, Linkedin, etc. I hope you analyze the feature list you like to incorporate into your business, along with the lucrative ways to monetize your job portal. 

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