Vacation Rental Script – “A vacation spot out of season always has a unique enchantment.” People always crave for vacations that are highly cosy and sophisticated. Meanwhile, trust issues have started to rise in numbers in recent times, due to the misrepresentation of the photos of hotel rooms and the actual ones, which completely gives a falsified look. A soul satisfied vacation should entirely avoid these complications and in 2019 a standard Vacation Rental Script should comprise a set of qualified features. They are:

• Enormous listings

• Total privacy and furnished stay

• Friendly host

• Payment protection and must accept all payment methods

• Availability checking

• Actual images of hotel rooms

• Variety of packages and so on.

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For people, those who are expecting these features to be added in the vacation rental script in the upcoming year can absolutely opt Airstar- Vacation Rental Script which works with the latest version of Laravel 5.x. Airstar is a standard vacation rental booking app from Abservetech which helps you create your own vacation rental booking platform. The list of multiple features included in Airstar – Vacation Rental Script are Messaging features, Business profile, Manage calendar as host, Travel credits, Your trips, Manage listing, Social sharing, Invite friends, Google map integration, Check availability, Advanced filter options, Reviews, Admin dashboard and more.By using this AirStar features, a user can start a business with it very easily and can earn with it. A host can upload their properties details such as Rooms, Experience into the Airstar. Whenever a user pays for that room corresponding Host can earn from that and admin also gets a share amount from it. AirStar is a product from which all the users of it can get benefit from it. Abservetech developer of AirStar gives free installation and customisation of AirStar – Airbnb Clone.

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