On-demand multiple service business has come-up and restructured the internet with its settled features for individuals to opt for required services while being in the comfort of their home. It is an all-inclusive platform that hosts a wide range of resources like Taxi booking, Food delivery, Bike ride booking, grocery delivery, pharmacy delivers & so on., in a single consolidated app.

An on-demand services app bridges the gap between customer needs and service providers, where reciprocal individuals are satisfied. These services are a large stepping stone for mobile app development companies & so it is for us!

In this era of rising on-demand multiple service business, setting up a related business for their venture has become challenging for speculators. We offer, GoStar, to dissipate the challenges faced by the individuals and empower them in setting up their business. For competing with the marketplace of this era, our app clone provides more highlighted services. It is time to kick-start your concern with our ready-made solution for on-demand services.


No need to worry about finding the right person for doing your house chores.  It is now easy to find the house cleaners from the nearby location within no time.


A simple medium for customers, to get rid of pests & other such bacterias at home without panic.


An easy way to fasten all the electrical issues faced by the customers. All registered profiles are given a rating & so it is made easy for customers to choose the one apt for their service.


Everything is made simple for you now. You don’t have to distress about the safety & welfare of your kid. When you are not at home, all you need to do is select the babysitter that best builds trust for you and assign her/him to look after your child.


Need a beauty service to charm you for the last moment planned party/celebration? Then, this is the right place for you. An easy way to reach out to the beauty store while staying at home.


The grocery items are just one click away. You can now avail for all the groceries you require lodging on at home. You also get to opt for the right edibles of many available choices.


Inbuilt on-demand service that enables customers to order online and avail of cuisines at their doorstep. The Food Delivery Service in our Gojek clone script offered with customer panel, admin panel and partner panel.


The trouble with leaky pipes? Don’t stress yourself! All you have to do is ping on the plumber you wish to service your home. The customers can find plumbers based on their nearest location for timely service.

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