The online learning management software is a platform that provides online courses to the students, live classes, etc. An online learning management platform lets the students learn various new technologies via the internet without moving from one place to another.

Based on today’s e-learning business market, many educational institutions are teaching their students online. And also, Many other instructors are recording their teaching and using websites like Udemy, Lynda, Coursera to sell their course material. If a learner, looking for new technologies, they can use this material to learn. 

Many entrepreneurs and startups are building websites like Udemy, Lynda for businesses like them. If you are looking to start a new business like Udemy, you can use the EduStar product. Here are the features and stakeholders available in the EduStar [online learning management software]. They are,

Stakeholders available in an online learning management software:

General stakeholders available in the online learning management software. They are,

1) Admin panel

2) Learner panel

3) Instructor panel

Top 9 Features available in an online learning management software:

Here are the features available in an online learning management software – EduStar,

1) Promotional Videos

2) Quizzes

3) Download Lectures

4) Course Completion

5) My Courses

6) Browse Lectures

7) Right Mouse Click Disable

8) Coupon

9) Featured Course Listings

Promotional Videos:

Promotional videos are one of the best options to have in online learning management software. It lets the instructors show the course preview to the learner. By using this course preview video, the learner can assess the course package and buy it. If you are building an online learning management software, it is a must-have feature. 


Quizzes are also one of the options to have in online learning management software. It allows the instructor to place interactive questions between two-course topic sections to the learner. It helps the learner to understand the course material much better.

Download Lectures:

This option lets the learner download the entire material once they purchased it. By using the download lectures option, the learner can view the course material even in offline mode. If you are planning to start an e-learning business, you must have download lectures available in it.

Course Completion:

After the learner completes a course, that corresponding learner will get a course completion certification from EduStar. By using this course completion certificate, the learner can use these certificates to search for a job.

My Courses:

My courses, It is a place where it lists down all the purchased courses of the corresponding learner. It allows the learner to quickly view all the course material of the learner under one section.  

Browse Lectures:

This option is available for the learner. Browse lectures allow the learner to browse through all the available courses on the platform. A learner can filter the available course material by course name, technology, and author name.

Right Mouse Click Disable:

This option is for the security of the instructor’s course material. By disabling the right-mouse click function, the instructor can safeguard their course materials instantly.

Promo codes & Coupons:

Promocodes, coupons are the essential features of online learning management script. It allows the admin of EduStar to provide promotional codes and coupons to the learner and the instructor.

Featured Course Listings:

An instructor can add their courses to the featured course listings by contacting the admin of the product. By using this feature, instructors can improve the visibility of the course material.

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