Decades ago booking a taxi was a challenging job, but now the upswing of RebuStar – Online Taxi Booking Business has become widespread in a more easy and convenient way. Online taxi booking business has grabbed the attention of many business people and has involved them more in numbers. Business people manifestly choose to start up Online Taxi Booking Business since it yields maximised profit. On the customer’s side it renders a secured and customised travel experience. If you are interested in starting an online taxi booking business,

RebuStar – A Uber Clone App for creating Online Taxi Booking Business, a product from Abservetech will make it feasible. RebuStar comforts business people by providing user-friendly access. This facet of RebuStar – Online Taxi Booking Business has made them popular worldwide. RebuStar avoids the hassle of wasting time, within a few clicks and a few minutes a taxi can be booked for travelling over the access of internet.

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RebuStar – Online Taxi Booking Business includes the awesome features like the company, drivers, taxi/vehicle, vehicle type/ rates, riders and trips management, manual taxi dispatch, SEO friendly, rider later bookings, promo code, God’s view, heat map, general settings, reports and more.