The world, as we know it, came to a standstill for a brief time due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The aftermath saw the world get a grip, even though filled with uncertainties. One can’t argue how the last few years have been tumultuous, impacting every facet of life. It is the need of the hour for enterprises to come up with thoughtful practices with the virus still not out of the picture. 

Ride-hailing businesses, for one, must actively find ways to stay lucrative since public transportation will no longer be considered a safe option for commuting. To this end, they need to adopt safe practices so that they can look to draw and retain their customer base. Going forth, we will have a detailed look into some of them. It is a given that the inclusion of these features will make the app ideal for booking rides.

Passenger Limit

Time and again, we have been advised to maintain social distancing to contain the spread of the virus. In light of this, limiting the passenger count to no more than two will help enforce this. For those customers who are increasingly concerned and do not want to take chances, riding solo is the way to go. 

Ensuring that drivers wear face masks

Wearing face masks is more critical now than ever. Drivers should ensure a safe ride for riders. They can do so by following the protocols, wearing masks being one of them. In a bid to ensure this, the app includes real-time ID checks. Drivers are mandated to upload selfies wearing masks. Failure to follow this results in them getting blocked from accepting ride requests. 

Safety Measures Checklist

As we know, the post-covid era demands that we instill safety measures in our lives to the point that it becomes a practice. For this purpose, the app contains a set of safety measures that both parties must adhere to before a ride.

Rating and Review System With a Focus on Safety

This feature allows drivers and riders to rate and review the safety measures deployed by the app. Not to mention how it aids in gauging the satisfaction level of the users. 

Cancellation due to non-compliance

As a means to address the concerns, the app includes this feature where users can cancel rides. In the event of the safety norms not being followed, either of the parties can cancel the ride.

Start-ups can make use of the readymade taxi booking software. It is readily available and saves the trouble of developing from scratch. Our Uber clone comes with these features. What’s more, we help with customization to meet your goals.

Creating a Taxi Booking Platform Like Uber

As we know, Uber remains at the top of the ride-hailing services market. Now let us delve deeper into what makes Uber a pioneer. It is easy to build an app like Uber, but when we look under the hood, many elements go into making it a success.   

Global Presence

The first name that pops up in mind when looking to book a taxi is, no points for guessing, undoubtedly Uber. Such is its popularity globally. 

The app going multilingual has been a driving force for reaching a vast audience. Also, Uber’s approach to using notables relating to that region for their promotions has worked favorably. 

Prioritizing Safety

Safety will be one of the foremost aspects the customer will be looking for when booking a cab, so the company should be in a place to provide uncompromising services when it comes to safety. Uber ensures this by performing background checks on its drivers. Further, the panic button serves the driver and the customer during an emergency.

Equal Focus on the Two User Groups

It is important to note that in a two-sided marketplace business model like Uber, consumers and service providers are the key stakeholders. They play equal roles in making the business successful. To improve its driver experience, Uber launched a rating system for its drivers to rate their customers.

Interactive User Interface

It is no secret that a user-friendly application goes a long way in benefitting the business. Uber has an interactive user interface that is equally engaging for customer and driver apps, without a doubt. 

Bottom Line

The global ride-hailing market is to hit USD 242.73 billion in 2028. It is critical to realize that a lot goes into making a business successful. In the long run, what serves is meticulous planning and assertiveness to address customer needs. In light of COVID -19, with safety norms on the check, entrepreneurs are looking at a fruitful venture. 

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