In 2024, the popularity of online taxi businesses is on the rise as they offer an effortless path to entrepreneurship with minimal costs and lucrative revenue generation. If you intend to develop an app like Uber, you are headed in the right direction. This blog will explore taxi industry statistics, dissect the revenue model, highlight crucial features, and evaluate the associated costs.

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Taxi industry statistics

It is important to understand the current statistics of the ride-hailing market to discover growth opportunities. The number of users accessing taxi booking apps has been growing steadily. 

Projections show the ride-hailing market will reach US$165.60 billion in 2024. The number of users will go up to 1.97 billion by 2028. Statistics only indicate that the ride-hailing market will continue to boom.

How Do Taxi Apps Like Uber Work?

Before you want to develop an app like Uber, you must understand how an app like Uber works. These are the steps involved in booking a ride in an Uber clone app:

  • Riders have to register with the app. After signing in, they have to enter the pickup and drop-off locations. 
  • Among the many ride types available on the app, they can choose the one that best suits their needs and confirm their ride. 
  • The Uber clone app matches the rider with a driver closest to the location. 
  • The driver receives a notification on their driver app with the details. Drivers can accept or decline the ride request, depending on their availability. 
  • The rider receives the ride details, including the driver’s name and vehicle number. The app lets them track the driver. 
  • Riders can pay for the ride through online or offline payment methods. The app comes integrated with many payment gateways, enabling secure transactions. 
  • After their ride, riders can rate their riding experience on the app. 

How to Develop an App Like Uber?

We have detailed here the steps involved in Uber clone app development. 

Step 1: Define Project Objectives

When starting to develop an app like Uber, defining the purpose of the app and other crucial elements is the foremost step. You may want to analyze how you intend to benefit your customers uniquely. Deciding on the budget, fixing project delivery time, and selecting the software development model are some of the other factors you need to focus on. 

Step 2: Conduct Market Research

There will be many Uber clone apps available to users. For your app to stand out, you need to conduct market research as a first step. Research helps you gain insights into what your customers want. Also, identifying the areas where your competitors lack helps you in strategizing to gain an edge. 

Also, identifying your target audience and developing your Uber clone app to address their concerns is another critical step. 

Step 3: Choose a Platform

The next crucial step when you want to develop an app like Uber is choosing the right platform that meets the needs of your business. While there are many platforms available, it is up to you to decide which one you want to develop an app like Uber on. 

Native App: Native apps are the ones developed to target either Android or iOS users. Native mobile apps perform well and give a smoother experience to users. 

Hybrid App: A hybrid app combines the elements of both native and web apps. Hybrid apps are easy to maintain and cheaper to develop. 

Cross-Platform App: Cross-platform apps work on multiple operating systems like Android and iOS. These apps use a single codebase and are cost-effective. 

Step 4: Outline Features

When you develop an app like Uber, it is critical to ensure that it has all the essential features to carry on with the tasks without any hassles. Conducting marketing research and studying your target audience will help you understand what your potential customers expect from your app. You can add the features accordingly. 

Some of the critical features of an Uber clone app are: 

Rider App Features

  • User signup and sign-in
  • Book/ cancel rides
  • Estimated fare
  • Driver tracking
  • Multiple payment options
  • Driver rating and review
  • Push notifications
  • Call/chat option
  • Ride History
  • Book in advance

Driver App Features

  • Driver profile
  • Availability Status
  • Navigation and route optimization
  • Accept/ Deny ride requests
  • Earnings report
  • In-app call/ message option
  • Push notifications
  • Heat maps

Step 5: Uber Clone App Development

When you have validated your idea and decided to develop an app like Uber, choosing the best Uber clone app development company will give you desirable results. Ensure your values align with them, and they are ready to provide you with the best solutions for your business. 

Step 6: Perform Multiple Tests

Throughout your Uber clone development process, performing QA is important. Performing multiple tests helps identify bugs at the early stages and make improvements easy. 

Uber Clone App for Riders: Main Features

User Signup and Sign-in:

This feature allows riders to register with the Uber clone app. They can sign into the app with email, phone number, or social media. 

Book Rides:

Riders can enter the pickup and drop-off locations and book rides with the app. They can choose the ride type according to their needs and confirm their ride. 

Fare Estimation:

This feature lets the rider know the price of their ride before their trip starts. On entering the locations, the Uber clone app gives an estimation. 


Once the trip is over, the app shows the price, and the rider can choose any option on the app to pay. Secure payment integrations enable users to transact securely and improve their user experience. 

Driver Tracking:

As the Uber clone app assigns a driver to a rider, the corresponding rider can track the driver and know when they will arrive to pick them up. 

Rating & Review:

The Uber clone app lets riders rate their riding experience after the trip. 

In-app Call/ Chat:

It is a crucial feature for an app like Uber. It allows riders to contact drivers and vice versa to clarify their address.

Uber Clone App for Drivers: Main Features

Driver Profile:

This feature contains the details of drivers like name, contact number, mail ID, etc. Drivers can get verified by submitting their license, vehicle insurance, and other documents. 

Trip Alert:

When a rider requests a ride, the nearest driver receives notifications on their app with passenger details like name, location, etc. The driver can accept or decline the request depending on their availability. 

Push Notifications:

Drivers get notifications on their app as the ride starts. Changes in the travel route, traffic, ride completion, etc are notified. 

Navigation and Route Optimization:

Integration of maps into the Uber clone app helps drivers navigate and suggests the shortest route. 


It provides details of the payments of drivers. They can look up their weekly and monthly revenue here.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Uber?

Cost is one of the determining factors when choosing the best Uber clone. 

The cost of developing an app like Uber depends on various factors, including the specific requirements such as

  • Desired features and functionalities
  • App complexity
  • Chosen technology and platform (Android and iOS).
  • Ultimately, the cost will depend on your budget and the desired time frame for development.

These factors play a critical role in determining the cost of developing a taxi app like Uber. You can decide whether to build the app from scratch or leverage a pre-built taxi app solution like RebuStar.

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