Quietly surprised! Today the talk of the town is the ride-hailing business. Overlook the On-demand market is on the rise, and Lyft is ruling the industry. Here we go with the must-have features of the Lyft clone app and how it’s ruling the transportation industry. How did our Lyft clone script build your online taxi-booking venture powerful?

Lyft Clone App is one of the most flourishing ride-sharing apps, with over 21 million-plus active users in 2020. It has witnessed steadfast growth and is now among the top players with a 35% market share. With its reasonable prices and money-worth feature, it is the most widespread app amongst commuters in the cities of the USA and Canada. And now, all over the world, it reaches immense heights.

Scrutinizes the revenue increases through the rides sharing app like Lyft. With the help of our best app developers from Abservetech Private Limited, instantly build your revenue-making Lyft Clone App.

Why Should You Develop a Lyft Clone App For Ridesharing Business?

Days are gone, where people used to haul in their cars and wait for the jam to get clear. But now, all gratitude goes to the Lyft clone app because people now can travel hassle-free at affordable rates by swapping a single tap on their smartphones. 

Sitting at the back while riding gives stress-free happiness to the people. This is the cause for developing a larger number of Lyft ride-sharing clone app. It is the right time to launch your taxi-hailing business which will serve as a perfect opening to accommodate people’s comfort and convenient love. 

As per an article by Forbes, the rise of on-demand transportation service may soon put government-managed transportation out of business gives a broad scope for start-ups like Lyft and Uber clone apps to grow. 

Shall we dig deeper into the concept!

Come and explore the benefits of the Lyft Clone App for the owners to start the revenue-making taxi-hailing business.

Why is the Lyft Clone App the most-needed one?

According to the survey, the ultimately upcoming future transport industry is in the hands of on-demand ride-hailing apps. Hope! Most of the start-ups have the big space to start their own ride-hailing business through robust taxi-booking apps. 

An advanced Lyft Clone Script from Abservetech allows ride-hailing enterprise owners to control the activities wisely and makes the customers feel satisfied while booking the taxi from anywhere. The taxi-service enrichment through the RebuStar Lyft clone app includes advanced features like:

High-valued benefits of the Lyft Clone App are

  • Easy Accessible Interfaces
  • Reliability Improvement Options
  • Brand Aware Techniques
  • More Customer Actions
  • Quick Deployment
  • Improvement in Operational Efficiency
  • Scalable, customizable solution
  • Both Android/iOS Compatibility

Must-Have Features to Create a Lyft Clone App

Here, the sky-rocket reason for Lyft’s success is its customized and advanced features such as data transparency before the trip, affordable ride costs, immediate ride-booking, multiple payment gateway options, intuitive dashboards, and much more.

Let us discuss the note-worthy features of a Lyft clone app that will make your customers fall in love with your business. 

Don’t waste your time thinking!. Make a wise decision and be a smart one.

Features To Develop A Lyft Clone App For Customer

1) Real-Time Tracking

After the rider enters the pickup and drop destination, the driver verifies the ride request and approaches the pickup location. The rider can track him using an automated map to view how far he has driven, and it saves time for the riders.

2) Calculated Fare Rates

Riders can see their estimated total fare before hiring a taxi. It is a significant feature because it helps the rider to evaluate the cost, whether or not the ride is reasonable or not.

3) Ride History

A rider can fetch the ride history information, such as the driver’s name, destination, pricing, and so on, which view in this app. It gives you a travel report in a format that you will prefer.

4) Multiple Payment Gateway Options

One of the best features of using this Lyft Clone App is that it accepts multiple payment options, including cash, debit/credit cards, mobile wallets, Paytm, and so on, making it a more user-friendly solution for all.

5) Scheduled Bookings

Riders can schedule their journey for future dates and times with this Lyft clone script for hassle-free cab booking.

6) Exclusive Mobile Wallets

Make your riders more convenient by using mobile wallet features. They can pay for their rides through an app wallet, thus avoiding the hassle of paying with cash, and your Lyft clone app must have this feature.

7) Panic Button

Exclusively, the Lyft clone app has received great care to give safety to the riders. If you are interested in developing a Lyft clone script, it is good to have the panic button feature. Riders can enjoy this feature, and it creates more revenue.

Features To Develop A Lyft Clone App For Drivers

1) Driver Report

The driver report feature helps secure the safety of both the driver and the rider. It is a summary of the driver’s driving behavior over a certain period.

2) Instant Alerts

Once a rider can book a ride, instant alerts send to the driver, and based on the situation, such as the destination, the driver should be able to accept or reject the request.

3) Heat Maps

Another exciting feature that significantly analyzes a driver’s job is the heat map. Drivers will use it to see which areas of the city have the immense demand for the service to get more booking requests and, as a result, can get more profits.

4) Navigation

The navigation feature helps to find the quickest path to the rider’s location. However, based on traffic rules, maps help to find the best route.

5) Waiting Cost

If a ride is canceled or a wait time of more than 5 minutes, the rider must pay extra charges on top of the base fare.

6) Big Earnings

The driver can earn more money by achieving a set number of trips.

Features To Develop A Lyft Clone App For Admin

Your Lyft clone app will not only be a treat for your customers but you as well.

1) Driver Management 

A robust admin panel on your Lyft clone app will enable you to review and manage all the drivers working with you. You can easily allot them rides and also make modifications to their driver profiles manually. 

2) Customer Management 

In the admin panel of your ride-sharing app, you can handle customer relations but ask their queries. 

3) Maintain Economics

Your Lyft clone app will hold track of every ride booked with you. It enables you to track and save all the receipts. 

4) Google Analytics

Your ride-sharing app will not only manage a database but also help you view data in graphic form to make better strategies in the future. 

These are only a few features that would create an incredible Lyft clone app. You can offer your customers a million customized features that will have them in wonder. 

Revenue-making Methodology

The most flourishing revenue model employed by apps is Lyft. Uber is a commission-based model. So you can earn a lot!

The owner credits a certain amount of cost from customers for every victorious completion of the ride. The amount will be either in the form of fixed or percentage.

Develop Your Taxi App Like Lyft With RebuStar:

Are you searching for an ideal solution to build a Lyft clone app? Then, RebuStar gives you the complete solution to begin your own taxi booking business like Lyft.

What Makes RebuStar Unique?

  • Completely source code-free
  • Easily affordable due to the use of the latest technology Node
  • Intuitive features.
  • Free installation of API on your server
  • Help to submit in both PlayStore and App Store free of cost
  • Free support after the denial of apps in both Appstore and Playstore

Technology Used:

  • MongoDB
  • ExpressJs
  • AngularJs
  • NodeJs

Server Requirements

Nodejs Server

  • Nodejs Version 8
  • NPM Version 3
  • Firebase Billing Account

Web Server

  • Nginx server (Optional For Proxy)
  • Linux/Unix


  • MongoDB 3

How To Get Started?

I hope this blog supports you to pick the best Lyft clone app to begin your dream taxi business at ease. We have a team of proficient tech developers and seasoned marketing experts who will build you the best Lyft Clone App! 

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