The accessibility of foods from favorite restaurants at our door saddle makes us feel cozier and puts less effort. Online Food ordering scripts like Swiggy, Zomato have emerged to make our lives easier. Swiggy Clone is a convenient way for users to order favorite food from their preferred restaurants.

Swiggy Clone Script is a ready-made and online food ordering script that offers ease-of-use along with notable features that allow end-to-end customization for start-up companies and entrepreneurs to develop their online food ordering app scripts instantly.

Hence, FoodStar, our Swiggy Clone app, has been regarded as the best clone app since it provides numerous features along with three stakeholders like admin, customers, and restaurants. Our food delivery app script gives the best solutions for our associates in the business field. Most of all, our FoodStar is available with Partner, Customer, and Delivery Boy Panels along with other added features like:

Laravel Framework 

Laravel is considered to be the best framework with elegant syntax and object-oriented libraries.

Track Rider Location

Our food delivery app script enables the customers to track the live location of the rider till the delivery of food.

Promo Codes 

In our Swiggy Clone app script, promotional codes are offered during the festival season to make our customers happy.

Language Management

Enables access to multiple languages so that a wide range of people can make use of it conveniently.

Explore Restaurants

With this feature, the customer can explore and choose their desired restaurants to buy their favorite cuisines.

User Review & Ratings 

As we all know that customer reviews and ratings are necessary for increasing the number of customers, and so, this feature enables users to rate each restaurant.

Social Sharing

Social Media is the topmost launch over the customers for more engagement, and this feature gives rise to more customers.

Email Management

In short, this feature allows you to send emails to your customers and enjoy email marketing.

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