FoodStar – Swiggy Clone, A smile is dazzling in the place where the food is. Nowadays online food business is a tremendous one for young entrepreneurs and startup business. For that ABSERVETECH introduced one fine product for online food ordering system called FoodStar – Swiggy Clone. FoodStar is the clone from Swiggy which is an online food ordering system. FoodStar – Swiggy Clone contains the individual app for vendors, customers, and delivery man. Each one has unique features and it is user-friendly with easily accessible for the user to order the best food from their favourite restaurants.

FoodStar has the robust framework called LARAVEL 5.X which is highly secured and it also has extraordinary features like Real-time push notification on orders, Runs a promo or coupon deal, Explore restaurants, Track rider location, online payment service, Track your order, the user can review and rate service. These features are brilliant works and it convenient for the user. FoodStar – Swiggy Clone native app is available in Android and iOS. In FoodStar – Swiggy Clone, Android app and iOS app have three variants are customer app, Restaurant app, delivery boy app. Both software has same functionalities and features in FoodStar.

In customer app, a customer can order their food from best restaurants by receiving in their doorsteps, and they can also cancel their order. In restaurant app, the name of the restaurants can be register and log-in into the FoodStar app. The restaurants can add details about their restaurant, menus, pricing, etc. Whenever the customer orders the food from restaurants, the amount will be transferred to that particular restaurant and admin receive the commission. In the Delivery app, after ordering from FoodStar app if the customer faces any issue in delivery duration they can feel free to chat with the delivery boy. The delivery message will send to the delivery boy, and he receives the food from a restaurant then it reaches the customer’s doorsteps.

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