Crisis into Opportunity

The pandemic created an “everlasting” effect on almost all industries. But to be specific, it made a positive impact on the food delivery industry. A statistic states that around one million new users ordered food online, where one of the food delivery companies’ targets for the upcoming financial year got achieved. Yes, many food delivery business entrepreneurs cherished and emerged in a short time. Also, people got restricted from opting for the dine-in method. So they were left without an option except to order online. So, they are looking for an app like UberEats, Swiggy, etc.

Considering the high commission a restaurant has to pay for the food delivery companies, many companies started developing their apps and portals. Many chose UberEats as their lead as they were the pioneers in this field. So, in this blog, I will let you know what it takes to develop an app like UberEats.

What is an app like UberEats?

UberEats is a food delivery app that regulates the process of online food orders. When the customer places an order, a restaurant gets notified first. Based on the availability, the restaurant either accepts or rejects the order requests. If the restaurant accepts, they intimate the food delivery boy to pick up and deliver the food to the corresponding customer.

That is the business model of an app like UberEats. So, let me lead you through the essential resources you need, to build an app like UberEats.

Who are the enterprising persons?


Customers or Users are the ones who order food online.


Restaurants or the Partners are the ones who provide and manage the food menus online.

Delivery Boys

Delivery boys are the ones who deliver the food to the respective customers.

Now, we are at the core of this topic.

How to develop an app like UberEats?

Developing an app like UberEats not only involves app development or purchasing a ready-made product. It involves many elements that pull out your app to be unique and generate profit with its high productivity. Below are the primary elements to develop an app like UberEats. It suits the development of any food delivery app, be it Swiggy, Zomato, Foodpanda, Grubhub, etc.

Analyze the market and its trends

It is the primary component of any business you consider. To deliver an effective food delivery business, one has to do trend analysis for the market. Though, being a trendsetter in your field is not wrong at all. Analyze your competitors and how they deliver their businesses to their customers. If they provide social logins to their app, you can think of it in some other way.

Creativity works well here.

Find your destined demographic 

To deliver a successful food delivery business, one must find their target audience and fulfill their needs. Share some surveys or ask for some personal details, from which you can find your target group. By doing analysis this way, you can set your path right.

Set your goals wisely.

Finalize your business representation

When you consider the food delivery business, you should finalize the business model, order only model, or order & delivery model. Finalize a model as they have their feature listings and commission amounts, etc.

Clarity of vision is essential.

List your features

If you analyze your core audience and their needs in your business models, this step is easy – Features Listing.

You have to set the features for every stakeholder that may take your business to attain profit rapidly. For instance, 

Admin panel can have these options,

· Manage admins, restaurants and delivery boy activities

· Analytics Report


The restaurant app can have

· Tracking features (delivery)

· Menus Management

· Orders Management

· In-app chat

Delivery Boy app

· Verified profile

· Live tracking features

· In-app chat

Customer app

· Track orders

· Advanced search & filters

· Multiple payment gateways

Pricing details to develop an app like UberEats

Development Team

You can select your development team by hiring an app development team for your food delivery app. Doing this way, you have to pay them either hourly rates or weekly rates.

Ready-made App (Clone App)

A ready-made clone app is nothing but a ready-made food delivery app developed by a company. You can avail the app from them and get them customized as per your business needs.

One-Stop Solution

Are you wondering where to hire an app development team or purchase a ready-made food delivery app?

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