In this advanced digitized life, food ordering and delivery businesses are extending and nurturing day by day. Does everyone know the specialty of this online food ordering system?. As a food-lover, we can order our favorite dishes whenever we feel hungry – order and get food at our doorstep.


As an Entrepreneur, it’s a money-worthy business. Million and Billion of Business Magnets shift move wards to this industry. Then why are you waiting?

Wait, I will tell you more about the specialty of on-demand food delivery script and Why it is a note-worthy business?

Nowadays, the trending of food delivery apps eliminates the hurdles and obstacles of the old dine-in methods. Now it has been enlarging its reach all around the world and the market trends.

Many food delivery apps like UberEats, Swiggy, etc., are the perfect examples of how this concept has the best promising and envisioned future. Of course, humans enjoy eating, and obviously, it is going to continue during their lifespan.

Rather than developing an app right from scratch, using our on-demand food delivery script will be the best choice. Are you that entrepreneur who is eager to launch a food delivery business and to achieve a big thrust in your business?

Here in this article will guide you. We will shortly describe the must-have features in our food delivery app. 

Let’s get started with the top-notch features of our on-demand food delivery script.

Prominent Features

1) Auto Dispatch

2) Pickup/Delivery Information.

3) Offers Management.

4) Live Tracking.

5) Vehicle/Order Management. 

6) Status of Driver [Offline/Online].

7) Restaurant Status.

8) Highly Advanced Filter Option.

9) Referral Systems.

We have specific notable features for User, Driver, Admin, and Restaurant. Here is a glimpse of a few note-worthy features, you want to know more about our on-demand food delivery script, Just tap here.

User App Features of Our On-demand Food Delivery Script:

a) Social Media Login 

  • Integrate all social media platforms to increase user-friendliness and make users connect to our app instantly.

b) Add to cart and check out

  • Users can add their favored foods to the wishlist.

c) Takeaway Orders

  • A customer pick-up a food order from a nearby restaurant at your convenience.

d) Order real-time tracking

  • Users can perceive real-time order tracking.

Restaurant Features of Our On-demand Food Delivery Script:

a) Accept/Reject order

  • The restaurant has access to accept/deny the customer order. 

b) Shift on/off

  • A restaurant can enable the working/available time by their own preference.

c) Manage categories/orders/delivery area/fees

  • Restaurant owners can manage all the categories, orders, fees, and delivery areas.

d) Reports module

  • A restaurant owner has a separate module that collects the feedback and rating reviews from the customer.

Admin Panel Features of Our On-demand Food Delivery Script:

a) Customers/Restaurant management

  • Admin can manage customers’ information and also maintain restaurant details separately.

b) Commission management

  • Admin can enable the payment gateway and set up the commission settings.

c) Promo Code

  • An admin can offer promo codes as a portion of promotional activities. 

d) Force Update

  • If the app is not able to work because of old versions on some user devices, in that case, the admin can permit force update.

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