The grocery delivery business is one of the top businesses to start among startups and entrepreneurs. According to today’s business stats, The growth of a grocery delivery business is at its peak. If you are in South Africa, this blog is the best to identify the top 10 grocery delivery service providers in South Africa.

If you’re a businessman looking for a reliable and affordable grocery delivery service in South Africa, you’ll be happy to know that there are several providers to choose from. Each provider have own unique set of benefits, so it’s essential to do your research before finalizing.

Top 10 Grocery Delivery Providers in South Africa:

Here are some of the effective online grocery service providers in South Africa,

  • Zulzi
  • Postmates
  • Yebo Fresh
  • GoPuff
  • Woolworths
  • Akhigbe Supermarket
  • SnapnSave
  • Onecart
  • Vassco Distributors
  • Pick n Pay


Zulzi is one of the top online grocery providers in South Africa. One of the best things about the Zulzi is that it promises 15 minutes of grocery delivery to your doorsteps. Zulzi generally operates between 6 am to 10 pm & also you can order alcohol from it. A customer can buy all the items online vegetables, meat, alcohol, etc.

Benefits Of Ordering In Zulzi:

  • 15 mins delivery option
  • Alcohol delivery
  • Available in maximum cities
  • Unique app for customers & driver

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Postmates is another top online grocery delivery service provider in South Africa. With Postmates, A customer can order food, drinks, groceries, etc. You enter your delivery address, select the things you need, and Postmates delivery to your address. As of 2019, Postmates is generating around US$ 1 billion in revenue and operates in 2,940 cities in the United States. 

Benefits of Ordering In Postmates:

  • Customers can order food, drinks, and grocery
  • Timely delivery
  • Operates in 2,940 cities in the US

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Yebo Fresh:

Founded by Jessica Boonstra, Yebo Fresh is a nationwide online grocery delivery platform in South Africa. It all started as a small organization in 2018. Due to the lockdown, the need for grocery delivery providers in South Africa has increased. It has made Yebo Fresh grow all over South Africa. Now it is spread into a top online grocery delivery provider in South Africa. 

Customer can order their favorite items from snacks, groceries, food, and many more using this platform. 

Benefits of Ordering In Yebo Fresh:

  • Fast delivery
  • Thousands of grocery items
  • Widely spread across South Africa

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GoPuff, Founded by Yakir Gola & Rafael Ilishayev in 2013. As of 2020, GoPuff is operating successfully in more than 200 locations. In 2019, the company had raised around $750 million. Using GoPuff, a customer can order thousands of food, groceries, snacks, electronics, essentials, drinks, and many more. It also promises 30 minutes delivery to the doorsteps of the customers.

One of the drawbacks of GoPuff is that it charges around $2.95 per delivery. Order your favorite foods from GoPuff and receive them at your doorsteps instantly.

Benefits of Ordering In GoPuff:

  • Available in more than 200+ locations
  • 30-mins delivery to your doorsteps
  • Variety of food, grocery, and snacks items

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Woolworth is one of the oldest grocery delivery providers, Founded in 1924 by Stanley Chatterton, Percy Christmas, Ernest Williams, Cecil Scott Waine, and George Creed. It is one of the top services providers in Australia, with more than 80% share in the business. 

Woolworth mainly specializes in the grocery delivery business. It also offers other services like health, beauty, household products, baby supplies, etc. 

Benefits of Ordering In Woolworths:

  • Variety of services in one place
  • Promises timely delivery

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Akhigbe Supermarket:

Akhigbe Supermarket, Founded by Kingsley Akhigbe and Rita in 2011. The base idea of the founders is to establish a one-stop solution for groceries, meals, beauty supplies, etc. In the Akhigbe Supermarket, Many products are available for affordable pricing. Order your products for affordable pricing and enjoy it.

Benefits of Ordering In Akhigbe Supermarket:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy delivery
  • Multiple payment options

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SnapnSave is an online grocery delivery app that allows customers to order groceries and receive them at their doorsteps. It provides customers an option for cash back when they shop in their stores. 

Benefits of Ordering In SnapnSave:

  • Cash-back option
  • Doorstep delivery option
  • 30-minutes delivery

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Onecart is a cape town-based online grocery delivery platform available in South Africa. It provides a platform for multiple stores to sell their grocery products on the Onecart website. 

This platform provides services like pharmacy, Baby products, Wellness, Liquor, etc. A customer can buy any of the above products from their website or app and can receive them at their door steps.

Benefits of Ordering In Onecart:

  • Save time & money
  • Multiple stores
  • Local delivery

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Vassco Distributors:

Vassco Distributors is a wholesale company located in Pretoria, Gauteng. It is the market leader trading in groceries and beverage delivery business. 

Vassco Distributors supplies groceries to restaurants, catering, and hotels on their demand. During the Covid pandemic, the platform grew its business service and wholesale pricing for homes.

Benefits of Ordering in Vassco Distributors

  • The ordering process is easy
  • Our loyal staff provide expert advice
  • We deliver your stock daily Monday – Saturday

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Pick n Pay

Pick n Pay is the second-largest grocery delivery chain in South Africa, founded in 1967. It shows its business service in different Southern African areas like Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe and planned to pitch its business service in Malawi. In 2010, Raymond Ackerman bought Pick n Pay from Jack Goldin in Cape Town. In 2018, it founded its branch in more than 1,600 locations in seven South African countries. 

Pick n Pay announced that it’s organizing to expand its business service in Nigeria and Ghana in the annual report. The company also works the end number of stores beneath the Boxer brand in Swaziland and South Africa.

Benefits of Ordering in Pick n Pay:

  • The ordering method is comfortable
  • Timely delivery

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To Wrap Up:

There are lots of grocery delivery providers in South Africa. So make sure you research and pick a grocery delivery business based on your preferences. If you want to start an online grocery delivery business, you can use ready-made grocery delivery software to start your business instantly. Right now, One of the best online grocery delivery software is RebuGrocery. You can use this software to kick-start your grocery business.

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