Uncovering the ideal proper to call your next home can be difficult before another roomer does is exact as demanding max times a reimbursement open house. Repeatedly feels like a face-off with other renters than the tenure of the property. 

Fortunately, some websites are available to assist you in your apartment search in this blog peeking at the Top 5 best vacation rental apps.

Let’s begun!


Here are the top 5 Vacation rental apps to list your property,

  • Airbnb
  • Vrbo
  • Booking.com
  • Flipkey
  • Expedia


Airbnb has achieved unparalleled growth within its industry since its 2008 establishment. It is the best rental website business platform. 

Airbnb is available in over 191 countries and 34,000+ cities. Every day, Hosts offer unique stays and one-of-a-kind exertion that frame it achievable for clients to sustain the people on the either natural or connected freeway. 

It is said to have over 150 million users on its platform, which you can fully use to grow your side business.

Airbnb charges a commission cost from both host (3%) and guest (under 14.2%) for every booking made on the platform.


VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) is a part of the Expedia group, founded in 1995. It is the best vacation rental website worldwide, like a holiday beach-front house where you can just rent peaceful places.

Vrbo has over 2 million worldwide vacation rentals and development. 

You can list your property for free on Vrbo, and easy to make your listing. Vrbo has two subscription choices for hosts, They demand 8 percent for each booking made. Or an annual subscription cost of $499 upfront.


Booking.com, Founded in 1996 in Amsterdam. It is one of the world’s digital travel firms with 28 million listings. Booking.com website is available in 43 languages, has more than 28 million accommodation listings and 6.2 million homes, and covers 141,975 destinations in 230 countries.

Booking.com is super reasonable, which makes it one of the best vacation rental apps of all stretch. The charge of Booking effects is to make it more comfortable for everyone to witness the world.


FlipKey is an online business for holiday concessions, home to over rental homes in 190 countries. Owning started in 2007 and became a part of Tripadvisor Settlements in 2008.

It offers a combination of rental options such as vacation homes, villas, beach houses, and condo rentals. It has additionally 300,000 listings.

You can list your property for free in Flipkey and pay 3% of your guest payment to TripAdvisor.

Tripadvisor Payments combines holiday reimbursement hosts and Tripadvisor reviews to give trippers a crowd-vetted, encompassing experience.


Expedia is an online travel app, such a great one to use. Pack deals on the app and earn 2x Expedia Rewards points!

Over 500,000+ hotels worldwide possess some of the top-rated hotels in the US, including a mixture of airport hotels, hostels, luxury hotels, B&B s, and resorts.

Expedia charges the hosts in two models,

  • Hotel Collect
  • Expedia Collect

Hotel collection is when the guest pays the rent directly to the host. In this case, Expedia charges a 15% commission to the visitors.

Expedia Collects when the visitor pays the rent to Expedia, and then Expedia transmits the payment to the host charging a 20% commission.

From planning to booking, Expedia App enhances your trip. Save with mobile-exclusive hostel deals, stay one step ahead with flight, hostel, and auto cautions, and views your trip details anytime, anywhere.

5 Reasons why these vacation rental apps are famous among the rental owners

  • Comfortable using and managing the business.
  • Efficient usage of mobile applications.
  • Somewhat easy to market the business.
  • Unique revenue streams.
  • Deliver better rental choices.

Cost to build an app like Airbnb

The cost of development relies on many factors:

  • Team size and location
  • The number of platforms to construct an app for (iOS, Android, cross-platform)
  • Functionality set and technical complexity of components
  • Technology stack
  • Degree if strategy customization
  • Architecture solutions, etc.,

Wrap Up:

Begin with the right holiday vacation property that can make you a profit. Location is the proxy you should view. Homes with immediate access to a town center, a theme park, and the coast are a better choice for an investment property.

If you are looking to launch the best vacation rental software, the vacation rental business is an excellent starting point if you want to establish your own business. You can use AirStar products to initiate your rental business instantly.