Not that online grocery stores are unheard of in Italy, but they have not seen the same level of growth as in other European countries. For instance, the United Kingdom recorded a customer base of 46%, while it was 25% in Italy in 2021. The other key players in the European market are France and Germany.

The outbreak of the pandemic has brought about a shift in shopping preferences. The Europe online grocery market size was $93.1 billion in 2021, registering an increase in growth compared to the previous year. The convenience of online shopping, among other factors, is perceived to be the cause of expansion.

Growth Potential of Italian Grocery Stores

The definite shift in consumer preferences after the pandemic has led to a surge in demand for online grocery stores. As a result, Online Italian Grocery Stores witnessed dramatic growth in online operations. Undoubtedly, online grocery stores served as one of the best alternatives for traditional stores at such a time.

Online grocery sales are on the rise in Italy. Currently, the online operators in the Italian grocery market exceed 2%. The growing awareness of the benefits of online grocery shopping, and its convenience, are the key factors driving the online grocery market. Let us look at some of the eminent Online Italian Grocery Stores operating online.


Eataly, founded in 2007, is the world’s largest Italian food and beverage marketplace. It started in Torino, Italy, and has since expanded to over 40 locations globally, including Dubai, Toronto, and New York City. The founder, Oscar Farinetti, conceptualized Eataly with the intent for it to be more than a store. In the same vein, Eataly has been known for its commitment to serving as a learning place. You read it right, a place to learn about food and, through food, about life. In addition, Eataly also commits to being a responsible and sustainable marketplace. Eataly works closely with local producers to check the standards it has set for food – good, clean, and fair. In short, Eataly continues to offer a rich experience in the Italian grocery realm.


Cortilia is an online marketplace founded in 2011 that delivers high-quality groceries. Based in Milan, Italy, Cortilia offers over a thousand fresh products, from fruits and vegetables to meat and dairy. As a result, it stands out as the first agricultural online market linking consumers with farmers. Ranked higher in the Italian online grocery market list, Cortilia offers applications for Android and iOS platforms. Currently, it provides services in places like Milan, Turin, and Brianza and intends to expand into other cities.


Everli is another prominent Milan-based Italian grocery store. However, it has also seen growth outside of Italy, with operations in Poland, France, and the Czech Republic. Founded in 2014, Everli is one of the largest Online Italian Grocery Stores offering over 300,000 products. Its extensive product range has attracted a large customer base. Likewise, Everli claims to focus on more than taking small orders. Undoubtedly, Everli has made a strong presence.


Tannico is yet another Milan-based store that specializes in wine delivery. In other words, Tannico is an online wine retailing platform. It offers not only Italian but also foreign wine. Vivino and Penrose Hill are perceived to be Tannico’s rivals. Reportedly, Moet Hennessy and Campari group acquired Tannico.

To sum up, Tannico is the leading online wine retailer and saw its annual revenue grow to 43 million euros in 2021.


Foodelux, founded in 2012, is the first online wholesaler to specialize in Italian cuisine. The B2B wholesaler has proved to be an unavoidable choice due to its vast range of Italian groceries. That is to say, Foodelux provides over 5000 products on its platform. Above all, Foodelux’s commitment to reliability strengthens its place among Online Italian Grocery Stores.


The regard for Online Italian Grocery Stores has led to many venturing into the online grocery platform. Soplaya is one such B2B marketplace that offers grocery products across various categories. The Udine-based online grocery store promises reliable deliveries. Soplaya also pledges to provide a wide choice of superior-quality products acquired from the best local stores. Above all, users of Soplaya can save up to 20% as the platform works on shortening the supply chain.

Another interesting point is that Soplaya is committed to reducing CO2 emissions. They make this possible by shortening the agri-food chain.


Macai is new to the list of online stores offering Italian grocery products. However, since its launch in 2021, it has not failed to provide thousands of good-quality products, from frozen fruits and vegetables to wine. The founders cite the difficulties encountered by leading retailers to have motivated them to encourage greater flexibility in the management of the orders.

Unlike the other platforms in the list, Macai is a hybrid model – a combination of the e-commerce services of large-scale retailers and delivery services. Today, with its presence in several Italian cities, Macai’s growth potential looks promising.


Cosaporto, founded in 2017, is an Italian grocery platform that also acts as a home delivery service bringing users goods from upmarket shops. Cosaporto’s list of supplies includes desserts, ice creams, cakes, flowers, and many more products. It also offers beauty products, perfumes, and toiletries.

The Rome-based Italian groceries provider also offers services to send gifts. Cosaporto operates in several cities, including Milan, Turin, Florence, and London.

Future of Online Italian Grocery Platforms: An Overview

As can be perceived, the Italian grocery sphere has recorded a slow yet steady growth rate. Undeniably, the pandemic outbreak has inspired people to discover new options. With this in mind, more and more start-ups are beginning to see the potential of this thriving sector. Currently, over 10 million households purchase Italian groceries online, and projections show it will only rise further in the coming years.

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