Vacation rental script

Vacation Rental Script


Why Vacation rental script ?

Vacation rental script is an online property management system, which acts as a platform for travelers to book a room online. By using a vacation rental script, the host can upload their room details along with their specifications like room type, no of beds, restroom details, etc. Startups, entrepreneurs can make use of this script to start a business with it. It is easy to make money with it.

Guest panel features

Multiple Registration

Multiple Registration

Multiple registration options is available with us. And hence, users can log in through facebook, mobile number, email.
Client Verification

Client Verification

It is essential to verify the client. Thereby providing verified clients to the host.
Review and Ratings

Ratings and reviews

Rating a website creates a good impression. Hence, this option allows the guests to rate and interpret the site.
Payment Module

Payment module

Various payment modes are available for ease of payment from the guest to the host like cash, wallet payment, online payment, etc.
Social sharing

Social sharing

This feature enables sharing the property details through social media. Therefore, it will bring more visitors and hence more customers.
Booking Request

Booking request & Cancel booking

Users can book easy and quick, without any hurdles with the help of a simple booking request option. Also, they can cancel the booking anytime.

Host panel (Vacation Rental Script) features

User authentication

User authentication

Verified users are allowed with the primary details during the signup process. And therefore, it is safe for the business always
Invoice generation

Invoice generation

Most of the people request for Invoice for the payment done. Therefore, we generate an invoice that satisfies the customer.
Host commission

Host commission

The admin gets some commission amount when the guest pays to the host. So, it is beneficial for the admin to earn some percentage from it.
rating and reviews

Ratings and reviews

The host can share their opinions about the site through ratings and reviews. So, ratings and reviews can show up about the website to the visitor.
Featured listings

Featured listing

There is an option to list the property as a featured listing. This feature, in turn, helps to get a good impression of the listing.
Bank Account integration

Bank account integration

Bank account integration is essential to maintain the host’s pay. Thereby providing convenience to the hosts.

Vacation Rental Script – Admin Panel Features

User friendly dashboard

User-friendly dashboard

An admin should manage both host and guest. Therefore, easy to use dashboard assists the admin to operate them simultaneously.
Page management

Page management

In short, admin can manage the title, keyword, tags, and meta tags of the pages.
Host management

Host management

Since host maintenance is of high priority, an admin can manage the hosts, their listings, and experience.
Currency management

Currency management

Admin can change the currency according to the location. Hence, the user can pick their preferred currency.
Request Booking - Airbnb Clone


To say this, an admin can manage the ratings and reviews from both the guest and the host.
Guest management

Guest management

The admin views and maintain the guests, their details, their bookings as well as payments.

Demo links of Vacation rental script

Our Admin Panel, Android live demo details

Pricing plans for Vacation rental script

Pricing details along with the features

  • Features List

  • 100% Customizable Source Code
  • Free One Time installation
  • Technical support
  • Free support
  • Native Mobile App
  • Multi Domain License
  • Admin Web Panel
  • Custom Currency Integration
  • Multilingual Integration
  • Default Payment Gateway(Stripe)
  • Customised Payment Gateway
  • Bug Resolve
  • Apps Submission
  • White label
  • Website FrontEnd Panel
  • CMS Pages
  • SEO Friendly
  • Blast email to users
  • General Settings
  • .


    One Time
  • R
  • R
  • R
  • R
  • R
  • R
  • R
  • R
  • R
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  • R
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  • Let's Go!

FAQ [ Frequently Asked Questions ]

Most asked questions by clients in Vacation rental script

Where can I get the demo?
You can see the live demo on our website. If you need more details, Don’t hesitate to reach us on [email protected]
How often can I get your support / service?
We have a dedicated technical team to provide you 24×7 customer support. Just drop your query in Email or Phone or Skype and you will receive a prompt response within 24 business hours.
Do you help me with the customization?
Yes sure, we have a range of expertise in all domain like Business Analyst, Developer, Tester who will surely help you to customize all your required needs.
Can we customize your product as per our needs?
Yes sure, we have a range of expertise in all domain like Business Analyst, Developer, Tester who will surely help you to customize all your required needs.
Is your source code is 100% accessible?
YES, the source code is 100% accessible and we will provide you for the Android, iOS and Admin Panel. Contact us for more information.
Is your product is a Multi-Lingual Script?
Yes, It is a Multi-Lingual Script and supports both Multi-Language and Multi-Currency.
What type of platform/framework is used?
Car rental script is built with Laravel 5.1 framework. It is coded in PHP 5 and MySQL using Laravel Framework, scalable structural architecture with high emphasize given to JS, Ajax, jQuery, etc.
What is meant by 100% open source code?
We offer you the 100% open source code which is not encoded with codes. By getting this code, you can edit, modify, customize the script as you wish. Open source code is available with a license.
Will you provide the installation for the products?
Yes sure, we will provide you the installation at free of cost.
Is Android and iOS are native App?
Yes, both Android and iOS are the native app. Android is developed in Java with the minimum support from Android KitKat v4.4. iOS is developed in Swift 3.x.

Server Settings for Vacation rental script

Required server settings

Server Requirements


  1. PHP Version >= 5.6
  2. Max_input_time : “600″
  3. Max_input_vars : “600″
  4. Max_execution_time : “600″
  5. File_uploads: “ON”
  6. Max_file_uploads : “256MB”
  7. Upload_max_filesize : “256MB”
  8. Post_max_size : “256MB”
  9. Memory_limit:”256MB”
  10. Safe_mode: Off
  11. Enable: PDO, File Info, Mbstring, Mcrypt, Shell_exec, Mysqli, Mod_rewrite, Open SSL, Tokenizer
Web Server

Apache 2.0+

Operating systems



MySQL 5.6+

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