Coming months of Expectation, iOS 17 is now official. There were more features in iOS 16 but the upcoming iOS 17 includes the most advanced features. Here let us see about iOS 17 – the most requested update expected by delighted Apple users.

Features list :

1) Phone

Personalize your phone calls

An attractive upcoming feature of iOS 17 is you can make your iPhone call personal by showing you unique photos or emojis. And also you can set the same images in others’ contact cards. “ This works with Call Kit, the idea behind this is that you can manage ”how you’re illustrated on others’ phones“.

Live Voicemail

When anyone calls and pushes out a message you can see a live transcript so that way you can know what the call is regarding and can decide the importance of the call. So can decide whether the car is worth picking up.

Facetime video

Leave your audio or video message when someone is missing your presence.

FaceTime on Apple TV

With the Facetime App, users can make a video call from their iPhone and connect it to Apple Tv, so with center staging users can make their call more convenient even if they are roaming around the room anywhere else.

2) Message

All your iMessage apps in one place

Moving to the message App, users of iOS 17 gets bundle accessibility in one button. Click the plus button and can send the most recently used things like photos, audio, emojis, and your location.

Let’s notify your friend about your presence

A new check-in functionality message will spontaneously notify the user’s friends or family when they have arrived at their destination if not so, pieces of useful information like location, call service status and battery level will be shared temporarily.

Catch up and swipe to reply

Catch up arrow helps to see your previous unread message instead of scrolling too long. Swipe a specified message from left to right and give a particular reply.

Search Filters

No need to search for a single message by clicking one by one, on the upcoming update there is a search option, so you can filter your message from a group of message lists.

A new option to share and view locations

In your conversation, you can share your location or can request your friend’s location. While clicking the received one you can view their exact destination.

Read an audio message transcription

Now the audio message will show in text format under the voice message, so you can read first and hear next.

3) Stickers

Create one-of-a-kind stickers

Use your pictures as live stickers and add effects for your live sticker. Also, you can access stickers in more places which will automatically sync with iCloud, so you can use them on any device of Apple.

4) Interactive Widgets

Take action with just a tap

From widgets you can stop your music or resume your music with single touch also can turn on your torch and more.

5) AirDrop

Swap numbers with NameDrop

Keep your iPhone near other iPhones or Apple Watch to use that you will be able to share a specific phone number or email ID along with your contact image on the spot.

Initiate SharePlay

Like Namedrop you can also share your file and can share “what you are exactly watching on your device” with your Apple user over Airdrop.

6) Journal

A new app to write and remember

An exciting feature of iOS 17 is now you can make your memories as a journal by yourself. Preserve your memories like photos with incident date, time, and location also with text.

Your journal is yours

No one can enter your journal only you can have access to your journal. This journal has end-to-end encryption, hence is no need to worry about security and privacy issues even if Apple can’t view users’ entries. 

7) Keyboard

Even more accurate autocorrect

Now iOS17 includes an intelligent keyboard that can Autocorrect more accurately. It can correct spelling, and grammatical mistakes so and so.

Predictions inline as you type

In iOS 17 update there is an inline prediction system. It can predict your typing line while you are typing if it is an exact prediction, then make a click and save time 

8) Safari and Passwords

Create a profile

Safari getting updated in iOS 17 as you can separate profiles for your personalized browsing, and work-related browsing. In which you can maintain separate histories, extensions, tabs, etc.

Faster and more relevant search

While moving to Search options, iOS 17 response is getting faster than ever as compared before. Can get the relevant suggestion below you are searching, so it is easier to read.   

Autofill verification codes received in Mail

Now no need to leave Safari and search for your one-time verification code because it will fetch your mail and autofill the verification box.

Password and passkey sharing

Hereafter apple users can share their password and passkey with their trusted ones securely. 

9) Music

Collaborate on playlists

Through shareplay anyone can share their beats with their neighbor so, everyone can feel the way they are in. 

10) AirPlay

AirPlay in your hotel room

iOS officially announced that later this year apple users can enjoy their time while in hotel rooms by scanning a QR code on Apple TV. By the way, users can share and view their photos and videos securely. 

AirPods Adaptive Audio

In the adaptive audio option, there is an Active noise cancellation that removes unwanted noise around you, hence you can focus on your favorite music or audio and control your surrounding noise by pressing to mute and unmute buttons on your call. Here you can switch devices like Mac or Tap without missing a beat.

11) Maps

Download maps to use offline

Hereafter you can download your favorite place and can view maps and get directions, ratings, and cards on your iPhone. so no need to worry about your network issues.


Siri activation

Siri is a virtual assistant that exists as part of the Apple operating system. Siri receives your request by analyzing the frequency of your voice note and shows you the relevant answers. So on a new update, you need not say “Hey Siri” instead just use “Siri”. 

12) Spotlight

App Shortcuts in Top Hit

The frequently used app can be marked and can view in the app shortcut area so you just mark your fav apps in the list and get them without searching. 

13) Visual Look Up

Discover even more from photos and videos

The visual look works when you are searching for a dish in a photo or video format it can suggest to you the relevant dishes’ category. 

14) Health App

New ways to put your health first

Coming months with the help of the updated os health app going to be released which will help to know your health information like mental and insights health by using iPhone, apple watch,iPad, and some other third-party apps. 

15) Privacy and Security

Communication Safety

Communication Safety will include safeguards for sensitive videos and photos. And it widens the above Messages to include content sent and received in AirDrop, FaceTime app messages, Contact photos in the Phone app, and third‑party apps. Also, now you haw a Sensitive Content Warning feature which will make blur when there is a sensitive photo or message.

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