E-learning apps are highly sought by learners looking to gain knowledge. Online learning platforms, for one, offer a broad choice of courses. They provide classes for all age groups and topics ranging from kids for yoga to photography classes for adults and coding for professionals to cooking courses. These platforms serve as learning marketplaces. What’s more, they cater to the needs of users of all age groups.

Online learning platforms came across as handy tools for learning when the imposed lockdowns confined people to their homes. As a result, e-learning apps have gained popularity in recent years. It is likely to remain that way in the years to come. In fact, according to statistics, the number of people using online learning platforms will reach 900 million by 2027. Here we discuss online learning platforms and how much it costs to build an app like Udemy.

Udemy: A Go-to Learning Marketplace

Udemy, one of the leading online learning platforms, was founded in 2010. With over 200,000 online video courses and new additions added every month, it serves as a platform connecting teachers and learners. Ever since the app’s launch, Udemy has been seeing tremendous growth. Two years after its launch, Udemy raised $12 million. After that, in 2013, the number of learners using Udemy touched a million. It took only five months for another million students to join the app. Today, the count has reached over 59 million.

With its headquarters in San Francisco, Udemy works to improve lives through learning. Udemy asserts its mission is to create new possibilities by opening knowledge to all. For people interested in sharing their knowledge and skills, an app like Udemy works as an ideal platform.

Benefits of an App like Udemy

Using an app like Udemy can be advantageous in many ways. We have listed a few of them.


It is hard to overlook how flexible an app like Udemy can be while serving as a learning platform. Unlike conventional learning centers, learners need not spend the entire day with their courses. They can choose to learn at their convenience.

Wide Range of Courses and Programs

An app like Udemy includes an extensive range of courses. So for someone who wants access to many lessons, the Udemy-like app is the go-to platform. Based on the ratings by other users, one can compare similar courses and choose what they feel would meet their needs.

Moderate Costs

Cost is one of the major deciding factors that drive people towards an app like Udemy to pursue their interests, for users find the fee of the courses on such platforms affordable.

Own the Content

An app like Udemy is advantageous not only to the learning community but also to teachers worldwide. Experts can share their knowledge on various topics from anywhere. Further, they can share the content that they create on other platforms. In other words, teachers own the content.

Reach Learners on a Global Level

Experts, with their engaging content, can reach a global audience. They can share their knowledge on in-demand topics. An app like Udemy offers flexibility, enabling teachers to teach from anywhere. They can reach hundreds of thousands of learners from the comfort of their spaces.

Increasing Earning Potential

Teaching on an app like Udemy gives them an additional source of income. They may even choose to do full-time with online learning platforms.

How to build an app like Udemy

People choosing to register for online courses is on the rise. Numbers show that the count more than doubled in 2020. There has been an upward growth trajectory since then. It will continue to be this way in the forthcoming years. The result is that the demand for Udemy-like apps is on the rise. Let us look into how to build an app like Udemy.

In-depth Research

When getting started, it is imperative to follow an organized approach. In-depth research and analysis will give insights into the current requirements of the potential app users. Also, keeping up with the changing needs and continually updating will benefit the business.

Addressing the challenges faced by users will place the app in good light. Not to mention how critical keeping track of other successful online learning platforms will be.

Feature Set

Let us look at some unique features to include in an app like Udemy.

Multiple Languages Support

When building an app like Udemy, it is critical to remember that integrating the app with multiple languages is essential for its success on a global level. There will be users from varying regions, and when able to provide the app in their language, it will boost customer satisfaction.

Discussion Board

In an app like Udemy, one can find forums for discussion. It helps learners gain perspectives and assists their learning process. Comments by fellow app users will also help them gain knowledge.


Scoreboards displaying scores and ranked names can be a great way to drive competition among students. It will push them to perform well and take part in healthy competitions.

Quizzes and Assessments

Learning has to be engaging and enjoyable to boost the interests of learners. It is possible to achieve this by including quizzes in the app. It will also help students keep track of their progress.


Students prefer online learning platforms primarily for their flexible nature. If they cannot attend a class at a particular time, they can download the tutorial to learn at their convenience.

Voice Command

For those users who may need visual assistance, the voice commands feature assists and simplifies the learning process. So a Udemy-like app does not stop short of serving as a learning tool for people across all groups.

App Development

After analyzing the market and doing the necessary research, the next step is to find the right team of developers who will go to lengths for your ideas to take shape. With experts on your side, building a successful online learning platform and thriving is well within reach.

Our uncompromising assistance will help our clients gain a strong foothold in the e-learning platform. With app wireframes, we look to illustrate the structure and functionality of our Udemy clone app.

Cost of Building an App Like Udemy

There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of building an app like Udemy. Firstly, the price differs based on the app type. The categories are native apps, hybrid apps, and web apps. Secondly, the cost of building an app increases when it comes with advanced features. The simpler the app, the lesser it will cost. Most importantly, the region where app building happens is also a deciding factor. When comparing prices, it is easy to see that the cost is more affordable in India.

The cost to develop an app like Udemy may range from $400-$500. Contact us to know more about pricing.


People are leaning toward online learning platforms leading to increased profits. The result is many entrepreneurs use the opportunity to build their e-learning apps. Our adept developers will help develop a well-performing app that meets our client’s expectations.

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