During this lockdown, almost all people attempted to do a side business with perfect profit. If you are the one who also attempts on this?

Hey, cool, let this blog help you to find the best solution. 

Basically, an online business has become safe and healthy for us to free from COVID-19. If you integrate your business in the online medium, which gives rapid growth with a low budget plan, you can see the profit instantly. 

Whoo, then

Which is suited to have prompt growth?

I recommend you to go with the online classified business. For that, you need to get clean-edge software. 

Oof, where to get it?

Let face that!

Abservetech is the best solution enunciate place to see high-income. They have a ready-made online classified script with flawless features and a perfect workflow to engage the users to surf the website for a long time.

Whoopee, let dig into the concept, 

AdStar is one of the fast-moving online classified scripts to integrate your business. A website and app that empowers users to buy from, sell to, and chat with others locally. Its number of features grabs the attention of the users to have a friendly response. 


How does this online classified script work?

In the AdStar, before post or purchase, the users need to signup. After they logged in, then they will be presented with the home screen of the AdStar.

Right top of the home screen, they can see the search bar. That allows them to perform item-specific searches that they can narrow down through the category option.

At the bottom of the screen, the users can see five icons, listed as follows:

  • Home: This home panel permits the users to have the main screen of the application. On this page, they can view popular items, perform searches, and set application settings. 
  • Categories: Electronics, Garden, Household, and some are perfectly aggregate in this option. 
  • Camera: It helps the seller to upload the products to sell. And need to add descriptions to items to sell. 
  • Chat: This option is created for the buyers and sellers to have convenient shopping. 
  • Profile: The profile settings, posts, and favorite products can view in this option.

Oh, so nifty workflow. But you may have a little skepticism about how it helps to make money?

Seller Fee:  

They need to pay a service fee when they sell an item to be shipped.

Promotion or Ad Highlights:

If the seller wants a quick reach for the items, they need to go for the highlights or ad promotion. For that, Google Adsense is the best example. 

Featured Positions:

To showcase the particular products, the seller needs to subscribe to the featured positions to hit the top of the listings. Based on the plans, the number of hours that products will appear on top listings.

Don’t wait. Suddenly get the online classified script to tons up the profit. 

Stay tuned with us. 


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