Airbnb Clone, Standing out is no easy task but Abservetech has stepped out with a product named AirStar, an Airbnb clone which is a well-known online rental platform. The hardest hurdles faced in the hotel booking business are, you need abundant marketing to be done to take your business to the next level. The app allows easy customization along with a trusted open source. AirStar provides rentals across the world exceptionally at low expenses. Online hotel booking business is a wide area based industry, in which all sort of entrepreneurs wants to conquer.

AirStar offers you an increased competitive advantage with top-notch features. This rental script is 100% secured along with unique service provided to its clients. AirStar offers complete user-friendly access to its customers. A reliable business is been acquired by using AirStar, the Airbnb clone. It includes features like instant chat and the messaging system where the customers need not visit the hotel often to book the rooms, just a tap away is enough to book rooms.

The reviews and feedback regarding the hotel will help the customers to choose the best hotel. The accommodation facilities and infrastructure of the hotel will be available in the form of images in this mobile app.
AirStar offers you secured and fast access as per your requirement. AirStar bridges the gap between the host and the guest and helps to form a good rapport and a healthy relationship between them. This mobile app is tailored as per the customer need and requirement. AirStar provides a progressive filter option in which the customers can filter by price, Location, facilities, number of guests, etc.


The top trending features of AirStar offers wholesome benefits to both the guest and the host. Booking a hotel room at a known place or city is at least a quiet easy job, whereas booking a hotel room at an unknown place or city is an obstacle, so to wipe away these issues.

AirStar the Airbnb clone helps to find the best hotels to stay. This app helps to book the hotel even at the last moment under any emergency. AirStar makes sure that they provide 24 hours support to all their clients. It is also cost-effective, any mode of payments are accepted. So for people who have the idea of developing a hotel booking business can confidently for Abservetech product AirStar a well-built Airbnb clone.

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