Blablacar is a French ride-sharing platform. Blablacar connects with its customers using its website and mobile apps. The mobile apps also connect with the drivers and passengers willing to travel from a single point to the destination point. As of 2024, The Blablacar platform is available in more than 22 countries with almost 90 million users. The ride-sharing business is one of the top businesses to start in today’s market. It has a lot of customer base and can make money with it instantly. If you are looking to start a business like blablacar clone script, you can use our RebuStar Carpooling product. It lets you embrace a carpooling startup company instantly. Let’s see what is blablacar clone?, how it works?, and the standard features required along with their description to start a business like a Blablacar clone script.

What is a Blablacar Clone Script?

Blablacar clone is software that allows a passenger to ride with multiple passengers in a single ride. Thus, creating a lesser fare, noise, toll fare for each passenger.

Here are some of the best advantages of using a Blablacar clone script,

Advantages of Ride-Sharing / Blablacar Clone Script

  • Lesser fare price on comparing with the solo taxi ride
  • Lesser air, noise pollution
  • Lesser toll-gate price
  • Safety for the rider

Features available in a Blablacar Clone Script / Carpooling Script

  • Login / Register
  • Find a ride
  • Search option
  • Quick match
  • Time & fare estimation
  • Notifications management
  • Tracking
  • Navigation
  • Review & ratings
  • SOS button

Login & Register:

Both passenger and rider can register with our blablacar clone script instantly with their email id or social media profiles like Facebook, Google account, Apple account.

Find a ride:

This option lets you find a ride quickly. It allows a passenger to search for a ride with multiple riders with the exact destination location.

Search Option:

It allows a passenger to search for the driver by filling in their source and destination points. While filling out, the rider can go for the option with a single passenger or multiple passengers. If the rider goes for many passengers, then multiple passengers will travel with them.

Time and fare estimation:

It estimates the time and fare before the start of the journey. This option intimates the passenger with the time and fare calculation. If the price is high, they can cancel the process instantly.

Notification Management:

Our Blablacar clone script has an advanced notification management system. It sends notifications to our passengers and drivers whenever there is a status change.

Messages are available via push notifications to the corresponding driver and passenger. It helps the drivers and passengers to understand the workflow of our RebuStar carpooling product.

Real-time Tracking Management:

Real-time tracking is one of the advanced features available in our Blablacar clone script. It helps the drivers and passengers to know the exact location of each other. The passenger can view the correct spot of the driver with their RebuStar app via a Google map. The driver can view the current location of the passenger. It helps the driver to navigate to the corresponding rider correctly.


Our Blablacar clone script has been available with a Navigation system powered via a Google map feature. It shows real-time navigation to both passenger and the driver. 

It helps the driver to find the path to the passenger destination location. Our advanced blablacar clone script shows navigation smoothly without any lag in the RebuStar carpooling application.

Review and Rating System:

Review and Ratings are some of the important options available in our Blablacar carpooling script. It allows both passenger and the driver to rate and review each other. 

These ratings and reviews are helpful for every rider in the ecosystem. It helps the riders to more rides due to the positive feedback from the passengers.

SOS / Emergency button:

SOS button or emergency button, It is one of the security features for our passengers. During the install process of our RebuStar carpooling app, it asks for emergency contact numbers from the corresponding passengers. 

During an emergency case, the passengers can press this button. It sends alert messages to all the emergency contact numbers available for that corresponding passenger. 

Let’s wrap up,

If you are impressed with the features available in our Blablacar clone script and looking to start a taxi booking business, you can use our Blablacar clone script to launch your business. 

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