Hola!! Everyone knows that smartphones are an emerging trend all over the globe. The usage of Mobile phones increased because it satisfies human needs like outlining financial services, ordering food at any time, shopping becomes easy, paying bills online, and much more things we get from gadgets. From our parents till us, we have all used smartphones indispensable. During this pandemic time, everybody wants one thing that is medical consultation. We can’t go anywhere, can’t meet our doctors to get any consultation. At that time, everyone’s thinking about the healthcare app. It has developed in abroad countries but not in India. As you are an entrepreneur or startup investor who read this blog?. Then it’s a new venture to start the best ondemand healthcare app by using our Practo Clone script. 

Short Note About Practo Clone Script 

Practo Clone script is the best place to connect the specialist and patients in a single forum. It excludes the long waiting in a queue concept and enriches a pre-appointment booking. 

Many entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals buy our Practo clone script and get immense benefits. Are you the next person who wants to become a successful businessman? Don’t wait for anything! Just tap the link and get a demo of our Practo clone app. 


Well! You can get complete details and benefits of developing our practo clone app in the upcoming paragraphs. 

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Necessity Of Developing A Practo Clone App

We already mentioned that in today’s lifestyle, the healthcare app is an indispensable convenience. Today’s situation changed – in case of an emergency, a patient needs to reach their doctor’s for a remedy. They can immediately use the app and get an instant solution. 

In the modern world, patients are willing to use these kinds of apps with their doctor’s knowledge. The astonishing benefits of the Ondemand Healthcare App are,

  • Schedule an appointment
  • Get a video call conference with their doctors.
  • Online prescriptions.

Here is the reason for developing an ondemand healthcare app.

  • Easy access to functionality
  • Detailed information
  • An effective way to communicate with their specialist
  • Create a patient community
  • A simple and wondrous digital experience.
  • Can blend with wearing devices

Top Performing Practo Clone Health App Development Company In India And US

The report generated from the valuates – ” the size of the healthcare app market is going to hit $386 billion by 2025 from $103 billion in 2019. “

Here are the top-performing practo clone, a health app development company in India and the US.

  • ZocDoc
  • MediSafe
  • Amwell

In the above top-tier list, Abservetech Private Limited is one of the best app development companies especially, in developing a Practo Clone App. 

Get An Experience Technology Partner For Building The Best Ondemand Healthcare App

Abservetech Private Limited is the best and experienced technology partner for building the best ondemand healthcare app. The reason behind our success is our developers are instantly adopting new technologies faster than ever. 

We analyze the needs of the patient and understand their requirements in the healthcare app. And build the best healthcare app to match the user’s expectations. Our developers will help to compete with your competitors and stand ahead of the curve.

Here are the benefits of the best health app development company in India.

1) With the help of us, you can deploy our practo clone script within a blink.

2) Scalable and reliable solutions help to build your app beyond expectations.

3) 100% customizable, so you can easily customize your app.

Unicorn Features Of Our Practo Clone App

Do you want to build a successful Practo Clone App? Then you must incorporate these features in your app. For better performing and satisfying your customer’s needs, you have to implement these features into your healthcare app. 

Let’s look up the features of the Practo clone app individually. 

Patient App Features

  • Simple onboarding
  • Easily search the nearby hospitals
  • Search a doctor
  • Pre-book an appointment
  • Electronic prescribing

Doctor App Features

  • Managing schedules
  • Profile management
  • Online Prescription

Admin Panel Features

  • Doctor Management
  • Patient Management
  • Payment Management

Some of the benefits I listed here. Hope so! You get a clear idea. Do you want to start a business? Then share your request via the link below. Our support team will reach you asap.

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