With the world becoming a better place with technologies and innovations, higher are the chances for revolutions in the industry. The trending example of such a revolution took place during the pandemic. Numerous frontline jobs can’t get shut down even during pandemic times. The one that tops the list is the Medical services. Those who serve in the health care business are the actual frontline workers who risk their lives at any cost. 

But, wait! What is the purpose of technology if not for the frontline workers? Being in this innovative world, we have tailored solutions for everything handily. There aroused the healthcare app as the arrival of boon in the medical field, with a mix of technology and medical services. One can elevate their medical services to any extent with this productive health care app, Practo. 

Get along with this article and benefit from the pieces of information furnished. 

What is a Practo?

Practo is an online health care platform specifically designed to connect patients and medical practitioners. It is a one-stop solution in the medical field; The patients from anywhere can connect with the respective practitioners, book appointments, consult, checkup, and avail the ordered medicines to their doorsteps. 

Practo has impacted the medical field, which depicts that every healthcare practitioner in the future would implement a health care app in their business, as it is 

  • highly optimizable in co-ordinating the resources 
  • providing space for them to give utmost care for their patients
  • paving the way for a more patient-centric approach

Business Workflow of Practo – Health care app

As every business involves stakeholders, so does the health care app. There are three stakeholders involved in this health care business. 

  • Doctors
  • Patients
  • Clinics or Hospitals


The doctors can register their profile in the Practo app to get them listed on the search when someone looks out for the specialist.


The Patients can register their profile in the Practo app to access the medical services they require.

Clinics or Hospitals:

The clinics or hospitals can register themselves on the app to manage the bookings, appointments, transactions, etc.

Services included in the Practo software

The sole purpose of the software is to benefit everyone who is involved in the process. And this app, being used in the medical field, should be a lifesaver for everyone with its varied services listings.

Advanced Search

With the help of advanced search options, the user can find the nearby specialist practitioners or the nearby clinics or labs for their medical assistance.

Health Analysation

Health Analysation is a service incorporated in the Practo app to analyze the user’s medical symptoms and get specialist name suggestions from the app by answering the respective questions.

Doctor Consultation

In the Practo app, one of the features is the doctor consultation, with which one can directly consult with the doctors by booking an appointment and uploading their prescription.

Pharma Orders

The Practo app can help users order their medicines by uploading the prescription and can get the delivery items to their doorsteps.

Lab reports

The patients can avail of their lab reports by being idle at their place with the help of the Practo app.

Practo Drive

Practo drive is more like a storage option in the Practo app, where the patients can store their medical records in a soft copy, which helps the practitioners in future diagnoses.

Health Monitors

Health practitioners can track the medical record of their patients periodically with the help of these health monitor options.

Statistical analysis on migration towards Practo – Health care app

As per the statistical reports from the Practo company, there was a drastic improvement with a 500% growth rate within three months in the online consultations when the covid hit hard for the first time in 2020. Ever since the pandemic started, medical practitioners observed a big migration in the medical field from in-person consultations, which dropped by 67%, to online consultations. 

Purpose of Practo like app

Thus by adopting the current scenario and the business behind the online medical services, many startups emerged. They claimed a platform for online doctor consultations or health care apps. That was the time when this Practo-like-app (online health care app) got its foot on the field. By launching the unique health care app, many people enhanced their business and set a benchmark on their business marketplace.

Benefits of Practo clone

The rich benefits of Practo clone are that

  • One can incorporate unique features into it
  • Highly consumable product
  • Generate high revenue with clever tactics

How to accelerate revenue from Practo clone – health care app?

There are many lucrative ways to generate revenue out of this Practo clone.


One of the easiest ways to earn out of a service portal is the commission model. Fix a commission percentage for every transaction that occurs within the app.


Either clinics, hospitals, or labs can promote their brand by posting an advertisement on the Practo clone portal.


The most generic way to earn around is the subscription model. Let the users of the Practo clone buy basic or premium packages to access the app’s features.

Wrap up

Thereby concluding, I would like to post the solution for those who search for the best online doctor appointment booking app. 

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