The increasing covid cases since last year still have its effects on our community. But the thing one should notice is the decreased medication taken by elders and infants. Due to this pandemic, people feared to step out of their homes, which reduced the treatments for their bodies. Improper medication leads to deaths for many people. But to our fortune, there emerged a digital way to consult doctors. Here I introduced the best UberDoc Clone Script in 2024.

Yes! Here I will engage you in the concepts and features of the Online Doctor Appointment Booking Software. Ever since the pandemic started, the demand for this Online Doctor Appointment Booking Script has increased. Everyone was not ready to spare their lives for the sake of this crisis. Also, many doctors wanted to continue their service by treating people online. To help those in need, I let you know the best Uberdoc Clone Script in 2024 that served at its best with its top-class features.

What is Uberdoc Clone Script?

The Uberdoc Clone Script is an Online Doctor Appointment Booking app. It helps the doctors to treat the patients online, and the patient can also consult with their corresponding & preferred doctors. The patient can schedule their appointments with their preferred doctors, get instant treatments from them. 

The Uberdoc Clone is to meet the purpose of the doctor who wants to serve their patients at an affordable rate. So, we at Abservetech provide this readymade Practo clone script at a modest range.

Let’s dive into the feature list of Uberdoc Clone Script!

  • Profile Management
  • Excellent Filter options
  • Scheduled Bookings
  • Chat Compatibility
  • Advanced Video Call Features
  • Live-tracking of Appointment 
  • Custom Payment Options
  • Push Notifications
  • Multiple Languages & Currencies

These are the must-have feature lists anyone should look for in a Doctor Appointment Booking Software. 

Profile Management

The doctors can manage their profiles by updating everything in detail, like available timing, location details, ratings & reviews, etc.

Excellent Filter options

Our Uberdoc app has advanced search and Filter Options. That helps the patients to make an appointment with their corresponding consultants or the respective specialties.

Scheduled Bookings

Scheduled Bookings helps the customer to schedule their appointments for their future use. With the help of these bookings options, the patients can make an appointment based on their availability and the doctor’s availability.

Chat Compatibility

With the help of this In-app chat facility in our Uberdoc Clone, the patients can contact the doctor at any time they need medical assistance. Our Messaging feature is compatible across all platforms.

Advanced Video Call Features

Video Call features in the Uberdoc clone help the patients communicate with the doctors and clearly explain their problems in detail. 

Live-tracking of Appointment 

The patients can instantly check for their appointment details and status with the help of the Real-time booking status. The patients can track their appointment status at any time.

Custom Payment Options

Our Docstar has two inbuilt payment options, Paypal and Stripe. We can also include other payment options based on the client’s demands. Custom Payment Options let the patients pay for their consultation at their convenience.

Push Notifications

A must-have feature in Uberdoc Clone is the Push Notifications option. With this option in the app, the patients and the doctors get notified of their appointments now and then. 

Multiple Languages & Currencies

Other essential features one should look for in the Uberdoc clone are the Multiple Languages & Multiple Currency options. Both features help the patients from varied locations to get the best & convenient service at their pace.

Deliverables of our Practo clone script

  • Firstly, we avail our clients
    • Admin Panel
    • Doctor App
    • Patient App

These will ensure the doctor and patients enjoy better services.

  • Further, the apps are available on two platforms
    • Android
    • iOS

Having apps across these platforms ensures the usage of apps from varied sources.

  • Besides all these features, our team will provide services like
    • Technical Support
    • App Submission
    • Bug Support
    • Server Installation
    • Logo Designing
    • 100% Source Code
    • Support after rejection


‘Organizations are successful because of good implementation, 

not good business plans.’

As per this quote, implement your medical service wisely with our best Uberdoc Clone Script in 2024, also called Practo Clone.

Our developers are ready to do customization based on your demands.

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