Udemy is one of the leading online learning platform developed in May 2010. As of now, the Udemy clone script platform has more than 50 million students, 60 thousand instructors, and 300 million courses. Udemy has students and instructors in more than 200+ countries in the world.

Students mainly sign up for Udemy site to learn new technologies and for improving their knowledge. After the successful completion of an Udemy course, students are acknowledged with an Udemy online certification. It is helpful while searching for jobs in any business domain. The success of Udemy has certainly inspired a lot of entrepreneurs to start a business like Udemy.

The Best Udemy Clone Script:

As of the current trends and features of online e-learning platforms, one of the best Udemy clone scripts is EduStar. It has all the features of Udemy and also its competitors site like Lynda, and Coursera, available in it. Using EduStar script, an entrepreneur can start a business with it easily. Our EduStar is built with a laravel framework and has separate panels for the instructor, student, and admin. Some of the unique features of our EduStar is illustrated below.

  • Promo Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Download Lectures
  • Course Completion Certificates
  • Questions and answers
  • My courses
  • Instructor Dashboard

Promo Videos:

Promo Videos, An instructor can place a promo video of their courses. These videos are helpful for a student to understand the corresponding course and can decide whether to buy this course or not.


After the completion of each section of the course, students are placed with a quiz question about the section to evaluate themselves.  

Download Lectures:

Students can download their course material after purchasing that corresponding course. This option can be enabled or disabled, it is completely up to the corresponding instructor.

Course Completion Certificates:

After the completion of the course, students will be acknowledged with the course completion certificates. 

Questions and answers:

The course instructor can provide a quiz to the students after completion of each section in the course. It helps the student to learn effectively.

My courses:

It is a section that lists all the purchased courses of a corresponding student.

Instructor dashboard:

An instructor dashboard has a visually stunning display with reports like students enrolled, payment reports, commission details, questions & answers options, etc.

To start a business like Udemy.

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