Looking to start a new business online, then a taxi booking script with a ride-sharing option is the best way to do it. In this world, many people are looking to travel one place to another by using a cab. The number of people using online cabs is increasing rapidly. It is the right time to launch your own online taxi booking business with carpooling functionality. An entrepreneur can make huge money with this carpooling script easily as it has a huge audience base.

What is the carpooling / ride-sharing script?

Carpooling is a process of sharing your ride with a person or a group traveling to the same destination. For example, let’s take an employee as an example, sharing their ride with the other employee traveling to the same destination can reduce the fare price, pollution rate, and traffic. 

The list of entrepreneurs using the carpooling concept is increasing day by day. Our RebuStar is a taxi booking script with carpooling in it. Entrepreneurs or startups can use our product to start their own business instantly. We have a ready-made script called RebuStar to launch your project in a matter of minutes. If you want a unique design and customized functionality, our expert developer will start from scratch to build an app according to your needs.

How ride-sharing script works?

Start a ride:

Riders can find the rides planning to travel from the same starting point and destination point.

Contact the rider:

After finding the appropriate rider, the corresponding rider can contact them using the RebuStar app.


Once the rider is okay with the carpooling app conditions, the rider can travel in the same car.


After the completion of the trip, both the riders can pay their share amount to the corresponding driver.

Review / Ratings:

Both the riders can share their review and provide about the driver and vice-versa for the driver.

Features of our Ride Sharing Script:

Our RebuStar [Ride Sharing Script] has all the important features for both the driver and rider. Some of the important features are given below.

  • Login / Register
  • Ride Alerts
  • Search Options
  • Wallet Payment
  • Estimated Fare

Login / Register:

Any rider or driver can register with our RebuStar app. While the registration process, A driver has to furnish all the necessary documents.

Ride Alerts:

Once the driver, rider finish their registration process, they can alert push notifications.

Search Options

A rider can search vehicles according to their specifications. By default, We have Basic, Economy, and luxury.

Wallet Payment:

Both the rider and driver can add money to our ride-sharing app. They can use it while paying.

Estimated Fare:

Before the starting of the trip, our RebuStar calculates the estimated amount and displays it to the rider.

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