In recent times, Abservetech has seen the rise of demand in food ordering, delivering clone scripts. Many startups, entrepreneurs are looking for food ordering clone scripts similar to Swiggy, Zomato, GrubHub. To match with the demand of clients, Abservetech has developed a clone script of Zomato known as FoodStar.

Business Model of an app like Zomato:

An app like Zomato consist of three stakeholders

1. Restaurant Owner.

2. Product Admin.

3. Delivery Boy App.

Product admin charges a certain fee from restaurant to get registered in the zomato app. When a user places an order, a notification will be sent to the Restaurant, Nearest delivery boy, and Admin of the product. An app like zomato generally does not own a restaurant it just collaborates with them. A user doesn’t need a chain of restaurants to start a business like zomato. By using a clone script, a user can start a business like zomato.

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Important features of an app like zomato:

Zomato allows users to search for restaurants, browse menus, add food items, and order food. Each user has different apps but features will vary. Some of the important features are listed below,

1. Admin Dashboard: Admin can control all the functionalities of different stakeholders by using the Admin panel. Admin can add, remove any users at any particular time.

2. Data Insights: All the data’s about the Restaurant, orders, customers are shown here.

3. Online Payment service: Our FoodStar app is embedded with Stripe, PayPal payment gateway.

4. Order Tracking: A customer can track their order by using Google map technology.

How to Generate money with an app like zomato:

User can use the following money generating methods to earn money with it

1. Commission on orders from restaurants.

2. By using the delivery services.

3. Third-party ad services.

4. Advertisement services from the restaurants.

For Demo: