Learning is a never-ending process. It is by which a country’s future is been decided. By 2020, 50% of total learning is going to be online. Most of them preparing themselves to compete in the e-learning platform. By understanding the amount of user traffic, money. Some entrepreneurs and startups are looking to start their businesses with an e-learning script. It is going to be a huge business in the upcoming years.

Types of e-learning platforms:
Choosing the right platform to develop a business can be tricky. You really need to find the right path to succeed in your business. If you are going to start your business. Some of the types are listed below
1. Open-source learning platform
2. Free online courses
3. Web conferencing software


Developing an e-learning portal:
Building an e-learning portal is difficult to develop. If you are looking to build an e-learning portal individually, it may take time and money. To resolve this problem, Abservetech has launched a software called EduStar. It is the clone script of Udemy, Lynda and Coursera, etc. EduStar consists of powerful features embedded in it. Some of the features of EduStar is listed below
1. Instructor dashboard
2. Course completion certificates
3. Quizzes
4. Questions and Answers
5. Download lecture videos
6. Promo videos

EduStar is the marketplace between the teacher and the student. The teacher has to sign up to upload their courses. A student can buy that course material. Some commission amount gets transferred to the Admin of the product. EduStar is built for entrepreneurs and startup business. It contains three panels Admin panel, Customer panel, and Teacher panel, etc. EduStar can be installed and customized as per the client’s expectations.

For the demo of the EduStar product:

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