Ever caught yourself in an embarrassing situation of hearing your stomach rumbling in a quiet meeting room that you could only wish your colleague nearby didn’t jump at the chance to show their comedic prowess? We all have, haven’t we? Well, it serves you right for having skipped your meal. EatSure clone is an online food delivery system that ensures you do not find yourself in such dire situations by delivering delicious food from popular restaurants. 

As we know, the pandemic led to the adoption of stringent regulations to curb the virus’s spread, forcing restaurants to terminate dine-in facilities briefly. Demand for online food delivery services has since then been even more on the rise. The online food delivery system in India is to show a compound annual growth rate of 28.9% during 2024-2027, according to the estimates. 

The applications providing food delivery services, like EatSure clone, follow safety protocols like contactless delivery services and adequate social distancing measures on account of the virus outbreak. So this makes people relish the food without brooding over the possibility of subjecting themselves to a precarious state.

Considering how demanding people’s schedules can be, online food delivery services have become indispensable (more so now than ever). So naturally, the demand for applications like the EatSure clone is high. 

How does the EatSure clone app work?

Food delivery applications like the EatSure clone make the functioning of food delivery relatively simple. In no time, the users get to enjoy their favorite food. Let’s see how the EatSure clone app works:

  • After signing up on the EatSure clone app, users go through the menus of restaurants listed and select the food. Once the order is confirmed, the invoice pops up. Users can opt to pay online or in cash on delivery.
  • The corresponding restaurant gets notified and then proceeds to prepare food. 
  • Delivery guys working for the EatSure clone app nearby the restaurant receive a notification when a restaurant confirms the order and makes the food ready for delivery.

The business model of the EatSure clone app

Customer Segment

The customer segment of the EatSure clone app encompasses the following groups:


The EatSure clone app intends to serve its customers by enabling them to order food from outlets in their locality after the initial signing-up process. 


The local food delivery businesses partner with the EatSure clone app and get listed on the application for users to navigate through their menu.

Delivery Partners

Delivery partners are paid handsomely for their delivery service. They can either take up the job full-time or part-time per their interest.  

Revenue Model

Online food delivery systems generate income through various sources. Let us look into detail the sources of income for an application like EatSure:

Listing and advertising

Restaurants get listed on the EatSure clone app. Some restaurants get promoted on the app. Getting advertised on the EatSure clone app increases the visibility of the restaurants, enabling them to attract a wide customer range. EatSure charges restaurants to get promoted on their app.

Delivery Charges

One of the sources of income for online food delivery systems like EatSure is by charging for deliveries made on their platform. Users pay for food delivery.  

Commission from restaurants

Collecting commission charges from restaurants is another way online food delivery service providers like the EatSure clone app make profits. The EatSure clone app charges a certain amount for each order made on the application. 

Salient features of the EatSure clone app

The success of an application depends on its ability to provide a good user experience. The EatSure clone app intends to provide its customers with just that.

Customer’s Application

The features that make up the customer application of the EatSure clone app are:

Account creation

The user creates an account on the EatSure clone app or website. After which, the user enters details like name, address, landmark, and contact number. The user can now access the page on the EatSure clone app containing the list of restaurants. The restaurants enlist the food items.

Search option

The search option enables users to search and look up the restaurant and items. Applying filters can also help users narrow down their search and make up a decision.

Payment option

The EatSure clone app lets users choose a payment method. Online payment options include credit cards, debit cards, and GPay.

Tracking option

The user can track their order with the help of the tracking option. The EatSure clone app allows the user to track the exact location of the delivery partner.

Ratings and Reviews

Customers can rate and leave reviews based on their experience and satisfaction with the EatSure clone app. 

Delivery Partner’s Application

Just like how the EatSure clone application facilitates the user to perform functions, the app also allows the delivery partner to perform certain other functions:

Account creation

The delivery partner signs up with the EatSure clone app. Through this account, the delivery partner manages orders and deliveries. 

Taking orders

On receiving notifications from the restaurant, the delivery partners can accept orders depending on their availability.

GPS Service

With the help of the GPS service provided on the EatSure clone app, one can find the exact delivery address. It makes it easy for them to deliver orders in unfamiliar areas.

Contact Information

Deliver partners have access to the contact numbers of the user and the restaurant. If it becomes difficult for them to find the address, they can now directly contact the customer for directions. 

Order completion

When the order gets completed, the delivery partner updates the delivery status on the EatSure clone app.

Restaurant Dashboard

The EatSure clone app provides a restaurant dashboard for restaurants to perform operations with ease. The features of this dashboard are:

Point-of-Sale Solution: 

To calculate the total price of the food items purchased by a user and to help restaurants make transactions, the EatSure clone app provides a platform to help with the performance.

Requesting couriers: 

After confirming a customer’s order, the restaurant sends a notification requesting delivery.

Bill generation and reports: 

The EatSure clone app’s restaurant dashboard generates bills for the orders. The order data is also stored. So this enables the restaurants to view the history of orders.

Customer support: 

The restaurant dashboard on the EatSure clone app extends customer support services. It helps customers to make inquiries for orders or updates.

The phenomenal growth of food delivery systems like EatSure indicates the success of the online food delivery sector. Statistics state that the food delivery app industry will grow to a $320 billion market by 2029. The food delivery business is booming at a fast rate. The fact that users find it extremely simple to order food online than any other way makes it even more reliable. 

A lot goes into making a food delivery business successful, including having a clear roadmap and action plan. With our product, we offer you hands down the best experience to help you build a successful business.

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