The taxi booking industry remains a thriving venture in the UK, with individuals feeling at ease when engaging taxi services directly from owners. Based on current data, taxi businesses are experiencing notable growth in 2024, with a projected value of $330.80 billion. Moreover, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023 to 2027 is anticipated to reach 3.46%.

Top 6 Popular Taxi Apps in the UK

  • Taxi App UK
  • ViaVan
  • Ola
  • Gett
  • Bolt
  • Wheely

Taxi App UK

Taxi App UK was established and is operated by licensed taxi drivers who have undergone verification. Its primary goal is to safeguard traditional taxi services from being overshadowed by ride-hailing platforms. The platform generates funds through membership options and refrains from imposing additional charges on both users and drivers.

A notable advantage of Taxi App UK is that all drivers possess “KNOWLEDGE,” which signifies their proficiency in navigating the intricate road network of the UK. This ensures that the drivers are well-versed in the requirements and intricacies of being a taxi driver.

Every Taxi App provides wheelchair accessibility for elderly passengers and offers pet-friendly seating options, allowing passengers to comfortably travel with their cats, dogs, and other pets.

In recent times, Taxi App UK has made a transition to electric cars, demonstrating its commitment to fostering an environmentally friendly world.


ViaVan is one of the best ride-sharing apps in the UK and operates as a collaborative venture between Via. Its primary objective is to offer cost-effective and efficient transportation solutions by leveraging sophisticated algorithms to match multiple passengers traveling in shared vehicles.

By collaborating closely with local authorities, ViaVan can extend its cab services to rural regions, ensuring access to reliable transportation. ViaVan utilizes an advanced algorithm that facilitates the booking of a single vehicle for individuals sharing the same travel direction or destination.

This innovative concept not only contributes to reducing travel expenses but also aids in alleviating traffic congestion.


Ola, a prominent transportation company, boasts a substantial customer base in the UK, catering to billions of passengers across 250 cities. In the absence of Uber, Ola secures the highest number of taxi bookings in London. Alongside traditional taxi services, Ola also offers additional transportation options such as car rental, e-bikes, and corporate travel.

While sharing a similar business model with Uber and Bolt, Ola does not engage in food delivery services. The platform presents a diverse range of vehicle choices to accommodate various preferences and requirements. These options encompass Economy, Comfort, and Premium categories, each offering distinct levels of comfort and pricing.

In recent times, Ola has introduced electric cabs as part of its commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability. Additionally, Ola extends its services to include auto-rickshaws (Ola Auto) in select cities.


Around 2010, Gett operated as a prominent taxi service provider in the UK. A key distinguishing feature of Gett is its absence of surge pricing on festival days, in contrast to Uber – a taxi app, which implements such pricing strategies. Gett also facilitates corporate fleet management, and ride-hailing services, and operates as a logistics platform.


Previously known as Taxify, Bolt emerged as one of Uber’s major rivals in Europe. In 2017, Transport for London mandated the temporary closure of Bolt, only for it to relaunch in 2019.

With a driver base exceeding 30,000, Bolt provides extensive taxi services across the UK. During the pandemic, Bolt taxi app also ventured into food delivery; however, it has recently discontinued its food delivery operations.

Bolt aims to provide transparent and competitive pricing. The taxi app calculates the fare based on the distance traveled and duration of the ride, and passengers can see the estimated fare before confirming the booking. There are no additional charges for using the Bolt platform.


Wheely, a luxury transportation service, exclusively operates within London and commenced its operations in 2021. It prioritizes the use of high-end vehicles, often featuring renowned brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Jaguar.

Wheely focuses on delivering a premium service experience. This includes features such as professional and well-presented drivers, complimentary bottled water, in-car phone chargers, and Wi-Fi in some vehicles.

Why did you start the Taxi Business in the UK?

If your goal is to achieve rapid success as a business person, the taxi industry presents an ideal opportunity as it is a thriving sector in the UK.

However, if you lack knowledge on how to grow your taxi business in the UK, there’s no need to worry. RebuStar – Uber Clone Script is available to assist you. Recognized as exceptional taxi booking software, RebuStar provides an array of advanced features and functionalities, all at affordable pricing.

RebuStar offers complete customization options and ensures free submission of your app on both the Play Store and App Store.

Now, you may wonder why we recommend choosing RebuStar instead of opting for manual app development. Well, here’s the answer:

If you decide to pursue manual taxi app development, you will inevitably encounter two major obstacles:

  • Time
  • Cost

Unlimited Time

Developing a taxi app from scratch can pose significant challenges, primarily due to the unlimited time it requires. Building a taxi app can take several months or even years, during which your competitors may already have established their taxi businesses. In such a scenario, launching your taxi app would be futile.


Moreover, cost becomes another substantial concern when hiring dedicated developers for your taxi business. Paying developers additional expenses is necessary, not to mention the costs associated with server setup and app submission.


To overcome these obstacles, I recommend considering pre-built taxi software solutions like RebuStar – Uber Clone Script. By opting for such software, you can save both time and costs in developing your taxi business.

If you have plans to launch your taxi app in the UK, I encourage you to explore RebuStar, our efficient taxi booking software. It is certainly a worthwhile investment of your valuable time.

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