Sure, we have all been there where finding a reliable handyman for home maintenance was more challenging than we thought, which required us to go through a tiring booking process. The advent of Uber for handyman services apps proved to be a game-changer in the on-demand home services sector. Accessing handyman services has never been easier! 

People prefer Uber for handyman services app for the convenience it offers. As a result, the on-demand home services market is booming. Entrepreneurs can profit from the existing situation by investing in a handyman services app. The first step, however, is understanding how a handyman services app works if you are looking to capitalize. 

On-demand Home Services Market Overview and Growth Analysis

Stats point to the on-demand home services market showing steady growth and a promising future. The market size was valued at USD 4,300.1 million in 2022. It is expected to reach USD 14.7 billion in 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 16.7% through the years, according to a report by Grand View Research, Inc. 

North America holds the largest market share, followed by Germany, UK, and France. China, India, and Japan are the dominant players in the Asian Pacific region. 

Here is a list of the prominent players in the online on-demand home services market: 

  • Amazon Home Services
  • Handy
  • TaskRabbit
  • Angi
  • Helpling
  • Thumbtack
  • Jobber
  • Urban Company
  • HomeAdvisor
  • Porch

How Does Uber for Handyman Services App Work?

An Uber for Handyman Services app connects handyman professionals with people needing those services. Users can access several services, from gardening and plumbing to babysitting and fitness training. The app enables customers to access services in the most hassle-free manner. The app streamlines all the functions, from requesting services to paying for them. 

Here is how an Uber for Handyman services app works: 

Step 1: Customers can sign up on the app and browse the services listed. They can also use the filters available on the app to narrow their results. 

Step 2: After viewing the service provider’s profile and the ratings and reviews received by them, customers can book the services. 

Step 3: Service providers receive notifications regarding the request with details, including the handyman service type, customer’s name, address, and contact number. Handyman professionals can accept or decline service requests based on their interests. 

Step 4: Customers receive a confirmation notification if the service provider accepts the request. They can track them to learn the estimated time of their arrival. 

Step 5: The navigation tools in the app help service providers track the customer’s location. The call and chat feature also allows them to contact the customer in case of any queries. 

Step 6: Service providers can update the completion status on their app once their work is done. 

Step 7: Customers can view the detailed breakdown of the service fees. The app has multiple payment modes integrated that they can choose from based on their convenience. 

Step 8: The app lets the customer rate and leave feedback based on their experience with the service provider. It helps other customers on the platform to make informed decisions. 

So, this is how an Uber for handyman services app works, acting as a platform bridging the service providers and customers. People who find accessing skilled handyman professionals challenging can conveniently hire them after viewing their profiles and deciding if they match the requirements. Similarly, an online presence for service providers can help them reach a vast customer base. 

Factors Driving the Growth of the On-Demand Home Services Market 

As we saw earlier, the on-demand home services market has witnessed growth and will continue to boom in the upcoming years. Several factors are known to be steering the online on-demand services market to development. Let us look at some of them here: 

  • Hectic lives call for easy-to-access and efficient solutions. That is what an on-demand home services app does. It lets users avail of services with ease. All it takes is a few taps, and the service providers are at customers’ doorsteps. 
  • The on-demand home services app caters to the multiple needs of users. Be it home cleaning, repairs and maintenance, health and wellness, and even pet care, from a single platform, users can access several services. 
  • Traditional methods of booking handyman professionals can be time and energy-consuming, given that it may involve looking up the directory to call, followed by waiting an indefinite amount of time for them to get to the customer to offer their services. It is a tiresome process compared to using online solutions, which even gives an estimated time when they can expect the service provider to knock on their door. 
  • With the ratings and reviews available for customers, they are informed about the service providers’ skills when booking them. 
  • Unlike traditional ways, an Uber for Handyman services app provides multiple payment options, including credit and debit cards, internet banking, and payment gateways. Users can opt for the one that best suits them.  

How Can an Uber for Handyman Services App Help Generate Revenue?

An Uber for Handyman services app helps generate income in the following ways:


The commission structure accounts for most of the income made by the app. Home service platforms take a cut of the amount earned by service providers. The platform fixes the rate depending on the service. Urban Company makes about 85% of its total revenue through commissions. 

Reverse Auction

Service providers can promote their offerings on the platform for lead generation and building awareness about their services. In return, the platform charges service providers a set fee. 


Businesses, suppliers, and providers can advertise on the platform for more reach. They pay an advertising fee for this. 

Cancellation Charge

Users may cancel the requested service for any reason. The app deducts a certain amount as cancellation charges. For instance, Handy, the New York-based home services platform, charges a $25 cancellation fee if the customer cancels or reschedules between 2-24 hours before the appointment and the full amount if the customer cancels or reschedules 2 hours before the appointment. 

Build an Online Home Service Marketplace with Us

Online on-demand home services are bridging the gap between customers and service providers, helping each group benefit from the other. If you wish to launch a home services platform, a robust and scalable app to keep up with the evolving changes and growth is all you need. Cater to the needs of your users and make a mark in the on-demand home services market by offering reliable solutions with our product RebuHandy.

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